How to read the book

Here are some guidelines, for anyone who is beginning to read the book: 

  • The book, Meditation– The Cure, is your companion in your inner journey as well as towards the cure within you. It brings to the book owner healing energies, as he/ she begins reading the book.  
  • The book is the bearer of the cure. It is the beginning of the end of your suffering, as you read it and practice the techniques. Thus, it is best that you read the book, when in solitude, in a commotion-free environment, where you are able to observe your breath and dive in deep. We have often been asked if the book can be read on a bus journey/ in the daily commute on public transport and so on. Well, you would be the best judge of it- all we would iterate is- the book begins your cure and opens several layers in your body. So be with your own self, while reading it. 
  • It is advised that you observe your breath, as you read the book. As you read the book, your layers of emotions will begin to open up, expanding your consciousness and revealing secrets of many events of your life about which you have been clueless. 
  • There is 1 book for every household. Sharing your own book or parting with it does not align well with the energy that the book works with. The book is your cure if it is your copy. Recommend/ share/ discuss the wisdom from it, but do not part with your copy of the book. You will be surprised to hear some amusing anecdotes from people who innocently landed up sharing theirs with another. 
  • The chapters in the book are all interlinked and integrate into the book. However, each chapter is also designed to be complete by itself. Thus, the book can be opened on any page and read from- there is no chronological order that it must be read in, particularly. 
  • The book does not bring an answer to specific suffering. However, as you read through it, you will find yourself walking the healing path. Many a time, readers who are seemingly healthy have healed themselves and discovered by the end of it all, as to what was ailing them!  
  • Several readers have reported that whenever they are down or curious, they randomly open the book and the paragraph they read has insights for the problem that they are currently on. You may follow the cue, in your journey with the book. 
  • Finally, the book is written to enable each reader as his/ her own healer. So, read ahead, sans judgment of yourself and only with an awareness of your breath and every emotion that it brings forth.