How my journey with NV Life began

Naveen Sir came in my life a year and half ago. We happen to live in the same community in Bangalore. I came to know that we belong to the same town in Uttar Pradesh. What a coincidence, I thought! But then as Naveen Sir says, there are no coincidences in Life!   

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He introduced me to his book – Meditation, the Cure (or as we always love to add- available on As I started reading the book, I was hooked. Each time I read a page; it had a new dimension. It was overwhelming for me. I started practicing the techniques. I slipped many times and came got back to them over and over again. I asked too many questions and Naveen Sir patiently kept answering. My faith in NV Life gradually started building.  

I was suffering from acute gastric issues so much so that I could not delay a meal. I also suffered frequent injuries due to playing Squash. My health started improving with NV Life techniques. In my quest to learn more and discover myself, I joined the Certification Program.   

I have always been an intellectual person. I can understand complex problems but not emotions. To say that Manthan helped me to identify my emotions in day to day experiences, would be an understatement! Manthan has helped me to understand the root cause of my sufferings and map them to my beliefs.  

I was able to identify my patterns that govern my life. This has been an eye opener for me. I feel that I am finally on my way to reverse my sufferings and find my true self.