Her chronic rhinitis and spondylitis got sorted within a few days

Go ahead, heal yourself and learn the science of the cure. (amazon.in) - AM 

Meditation the cure was referred to me by my sister. Though before I could get to start reading it I was lucky to attend a two-day workshop where I got to interact and learn the techniques by the author himself…..Mr. Naveen Varshneya. 

I began reading the book post the workshop and with every passing day my curiosity to know more about the concept and to search myself deeper grew. 

On the physiological level while just reading the book and practising the techniques many of my issues started to get sorted.  

I was suffering from chronic rhinitis and spondylitis which got sorted within a few days. 

The book is an enchanting treasure of wisdom, painstakingly put together by Mr Varshneya in simple language. 

The techniques are simple yet profound. Deceptively simple 😀 because observing your breath comes only with sincere practice. Perseverance is the key. 

The most beautiful part of the book, techniques and the awareness that comes in with being sincere with your practice is the awareness of self. 

If one is authentic you begin to get a deep understanding of yourself, your patterns and one can unearth the root cause of your disease, distress, or disorder. The 24×7 online support that the book owners get from Meditation the cure-support group makes it much simpler. Mr Varshneya himself answers all the queries and the insights he has to offer have helped many. 

With the book, the cure is in your hands. Go ahead, heal yourself and learn the science behind the cure. 

The objective of true meditation is to be one with nature. It is the state of the union of mind and body. In this state, no suffering can remain. Learn the meditation for health and wellbeing to expand your consciousness. 

Explore the Cure is within you, with the book Meditation the Cure -by Naveen Varshneya.