Her child’s schizophrenia is healing, as she heals herself

“I struggled in the beginning, and it took me time to even do the basics like observe my breath. But today, I have learned to forgive myself- over and over, and I feel deeply intimate with myself. It is like receiving a second lease of life. I have gone from living with suffering to experiencing the beauty of life, with NV Life.” 

Monisha Paul (43)
MS in Computational Mathematics, Stanford University 

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  • When Monisha came for Chetna, her ten-year-old had been silent for months, at times violent, and showed little emotional response. She herself suffered from Arthritis and Back Pain. 
  • Her son would often be delusional, violent, suffered from memory loss, and was being treated through medication extensively for the same. 
  • During Chetna, her son showed little improvement and she nearly lost hope. But something kept her going, an invisible faith- and Vedna onward she could see dramatic improvements in her own and her son’s suffering. 
  • Manthan was miraculous for her, and as she broke out of her suppressed sexuality, she started seeing significant, visible improvements in her son. 
  •  Today, he has started talking, is less violent, and is emotionally expressive. Her own Arthritis and back pain is almost gone. 
  • As recently as a few days ago, her son called her “Ma” for the very first time, ever mystically, on her Birthday. When the world outside dabbled on the surface and let her down…. Monisha found the Cure within. 

Children manifesting ADHD, Autism, and other disorders, it has their seeds during the time of pregnancy of the mother. Motherhood is an evolution of blossoming into womanhood, however, this evolution off late is becoming a jerky transition, with unforeseen implications. The suppression of womanhood and its expression in love, youth, and sexuality turns into hopelessness and gets passed on to the child.

It is often visible that the emotional state of the mother directly reflects in the child- A case of locked and mirrored energies. Working on the mother to reverse the hopelessness and reviving womanhood holds the solution for healing the disorder of the child.

What held Monisha in good stead in her journey was her courage in looking at the mirror, persevering through the tough phases of transition, and relentlessly working on herself, until she arrived, one step at a time. At times, she faltered, or got caught in the traps of her own Ego and Judgement- but each time, she went back to the basics and she continues walking today.



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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