He turned around his cancer within 3 months

As the team prepared to begin the Science of Life workshop in Delhi, a young man walked in and requested to speak with Naveen Varshneya. 

He informed the team that he and his father had travelled from Rewari in Haryana as they found out that NV Life is conducting a workshop and wanted his father to attend as he had recovered from cancer by practising the techniques mentioned in the book. 

The book was given to him by his boss who knew his father had cancer. 

The disease was already in the advanced stages and his father’s movement had become very restricted. 

He started usage of cotton and practised the techniques religiously, and. within 3 months turned around his disease, and started attending all family functions and commitments. 

It was a revelation for the team also how total faith and surrender helped him come out of his suffering. 

Nothing in life is fixed nor death nor destiny. No cancer or schizophrenia is fixed. When your electromagnetic field is balanced no disease can exist within you. The electromagnetic field is dynamic and can be balanced with the right meditation for health and wellness. Learn how to breathe optimally, with meditation for health and wellbeing. 

To find hope for a cure for self or a loved one, read Meditation the Cure -by Naveen Varshneya.