He transformed within…to discover a new Self

“I felt I was directionless, on a journey to nowhere. Today, while I may not know the destination, I am certain I am on the right path.”

Anonymous (40)
Hospitality Professional 

 When he joined Chetna in August, it was due to the distress he felt in his personal life, having gone through a Divorce and its numerous ramifications. He suffered from Anxiety, Sleeplessness, and the deep emotional distress which followed.  

  • His suffering, he shares, was due to a suppressed sense of unworthiness, which he always tackled by taking control of situations and “proving” himself. 
  •  When he looked within, he found the root cause lay buried in his childhood and adolescence. In all the different events which lay there, unresolved, keeping him in a loop of suffering. But what remained constant, were the emotions that surfaced repeatedly.  
  • As he walked through Chetna and Vedna, he was able to see the maze he had unintentionally created for himself. He was surprised to see how his true intent never allowed him to move forward the way he thought he wanted. 
  • He could see how he had created a safe space in “self-pity”, which had become very hard to come out of.  
  • After Chetna, his anxiety and sleeplessness had disappeared, and he found a stark improvement in his relationships. But it was in Vedna, that he started discovering his inner journey, and experiencing a feeling of deep “solitude”. 

[signinlocker id=”333534″]Our ecosystem is a mirror of our own emotional state and beliefs. When we suppress and carry these beliefs forward in our life, unresolved, we reach a point where every trigger takes us back to the same emotions, be they- Unloved, Unworthy, Unrecognized, or Unappreciated in some form.  

We tend to externalize, place blame, and retreat into self-pity, a seemingly endless state where we can remain until the final moment of realization hits us. For this Participant, someone dear to him felt his pain and guided him to Chetna and Vedna- where through breath, he turned inward and found the origin of his beliefs.  

With this expanded consciousness, he walks a new beat altogether- one where he looks ahead with curiosity, and not fear. [/signinlocker]


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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