Harmonising the Courseware & Fee for the New Session


We begin 2021 with new session of our programs with sharper focus on delivering the science of cure to you in harmonized fee structure. Hope you have already seen the announcement. If not, visit us at  www.curedemy.com 

These 9 months, through pandemic, were exciting for us and we are glad that it was a turning point for many of you too, who attended the courses.  On sharper focus, we will come back to you soon, and communicate how we will be empowering our new participants on the path of cure and take those who are already on this journey, further deeper in our new sessions. This post is more to share with you the insights which went in towards harmonizing the prices. 

  1. We were absorbing GST, thus far. During a pandemic, we did not want to burden students when in April and May uncertainty was very high among people, regarding their work and job.  We did our bit in all possible ways to raise the immunity of people and connect them back to hope 
  2. Wregularly received feedback from our students that Chetna price is way too low compared to the value it creates and the efforts put in by faculty.They have stated that just 2 to 3 sessions of Gurukul are far more effective than any other course or treatment or coaching sessions they have taken at a much higher price
  3. Vedna was at almost 3 times the fee of Chetna, while work done was 3 times of Vedna, during Chetna.
  4. Thanks to all of you, Manthan is by now smooth courseware. With changes in Chetna and VednaManthan is very effortlessly received by students and efforts are reducing. Compared to Chetna, its fee was around 5 times. 

Seeing these challenges, we looked at all the feedback from you and our insights in teaching, as a teamWe linearized the fees and also made your learning linearized to make it easier for you to absorb. We heard from you. 

  1. The fee now ha18% GST applicable on all courses.
  2. Chetna is priced at INR 12,771/. 
  3. Vedna fee is now reduced and brought closer to the price of Chetna at INR 17,771/- (the earlier fee was INR 21,121/-). 
  4. Manthan fee is reduced to INR 27,771/- (the earlier fee was INR 31,131/-). 

Overall, the price impact for entire courseware remains the same- by and large. 

With this change in effect, we are working out better fees for family members of the students with an intent, to encourage the cure going deeper in the family and healing the overall ecosystem to sustain and nurture the wisdom. We have seen this happening as well as directly told by you – how there is a larger shift in your environment when more members of the family are practicing our breakthrough techniques like OTB, as compared to one person alone.