Reply To: Spirit and soul

  • Hem Khosla

    May 9, 2023 at 07:16

    Your post brought me to the lines from the book which have impacted me. I refer to these time and again when in a quandary.

    “The layer where all the Karm and belief with the corresponding emotions are stored is called the soul. Theoretically, your entire spirit, in its pure form, is packed in your soul, when it decides to be reborn to clear its most important Karm”.

    As I read the example of the football player who chooses to be quiet as his mistake is overlooked by the referee and follow the purpose of his soul, to be a star player rather than celebrate the spirit of the game, I apply the same to my life… will I squeeze my spirit in order to survive, a mere response to the program in my soul, or do I choose to expand my spirit, by grounding my emotion, my need to be the best, taking the pain of maybe losing one match but being true to the spirit of the game of life.

    The programming in my soul, my karm, my tendencies are a guiding light to experience pure spirit. Will I have the courage this life? I pause to breathe