Welcome to Whispering Wisdom

  • Welcome to Whispering Wisdom

    Posted by Naveen on July 24, 2020 at 18:00

    Whispering wisdom is the name of the community to which you are now a member. The book Meditation The Cure was written with the vision that every household should have the expertise to reverse their suffering. Just like every household has at least one person who knows how to cook.

    Since the book is published, we have been doing various programs to develop such expertise for households. It has been a very exciting journey for all of us at NV Life to hold that vision and by now we have a good team which is able to take this message further.

    The state of meditation is the state of cure and you will experience it as you join us in meditation sessions which are starting on weekends.

    However, there have been so many distortions that no matter how hard we try to educate people with science unless they have joined the program and experienced the effect of our meditation, they do not believe.

    Since, then, we have been asking this question, how do we educate people that everyone begins to learn the right meditation? Because if you can learn it with us, you can cure yourself.

    Whispering Wisdom is born out of that vision. Our initiative to educate people and make them experience the right one the book or any of the program. As you see the difference, we are hopeful, your wisdom will whisper to you to take the dive deeper to learn vast amount of science of curing self and liberating the spirit stuck in the clouds of karma causing suffering.

    I invite you to use this opportunity to watch videos and learn meditation. I encourage you to tell all your family and friends and strangers to come and join, as you begin to experience the transformation.

    Let your wisdom whisper in you. Let you whisper the wisdom to others…


    Naveen Varshneya


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