From Frozen to Defrosting | Svaha

“You will need backrest”, I thought was unusual guidance for meditation. My back did indeed hurt. In the following days, I kept connecting to my mother.

During Svaha, “Map your problem statement on the Chakras”, mapping was easy, but there was no statement.

“You have somehow skipped emotions and connected to your energy body.” The ground beneath me shifted. I now had a new language to express, and I now had zero relatability.

Stuck in the energy body, you will either open through mooldhara (mother!) or you will get a vision (crown). Now begins the conversation. With every breath observed, I would experience a chakra and that left me in wonderment, curiosity, hope, and hopelessness.

‘Frozen’ was beginning to Svaha and ‘Defrosting’ has been my journey so far.


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