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  • Jayant Saboo

    July 19, 2020 at 11:26

    Dear Mukta,

    It is very nice that you are already aware of your lacks which are governing your reaction in this situation. There is no best way to deal with any situation. When your observe your breath during such incidents or post the same, you will gain wisdom as to how you should react, not react or must have reacted in any given scenario. The evolution never stops. It is a journey in which you can only get better with your ability to observe the breath. All the answers and wisdom are within you and if you are sincere with the process you will break the pattern sooner than later. As of now, just observe your breath with the above mentioned incident/s in your awareness and breathe the emotions that surface.

    The thin line between Self respect and Ego – I would advice you to revisit the EGO video. You will find your answer there.