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Improvement in 7 areas of your personality

Dear Students,


From primary school to graduation, you are tested almost every week. Imagine playing a game every day where pressure to excel every day, is more than joy of playing? Can you excel at that game? Can you enjoy playing it?

Good news is that you are offered opportunity every week or month through tests, to consolidate your learning. Bad news is that you are looking at it as burden. Let us convert this ritual into a game. In a game, sometimes we win and other times we learn. When we learn, we are more hungry to play again. We do not stop playing just because we did not do well today. Scoring will become like that only and every week test will be good fun.
You must have heard “work smart” not hard work. But you never knew how to do it. Here it is. A little practice and you will be a pro at it for rest of your life.

What to expect?

There are two things you are expected to have:

It is believed that if you have both, you will have a great career and therefore a great life. Knowledge is a function of learning and for that you shall be curious. In pressure to gain grades, your curiosity is often killed and this is where all the struggle starts. Struggling to somehow finish academics and have a career does so much damage to your spirit that by the time you are in career, you lose curiosity in life and get caught in the cycle of achieving/scoring. In the last few decades, this is how we did it and now we are facing challenges with our health, happiness, quality of life and relationships.

In next 20 years from now, you will be in a very different world. It is unimaginable for many of us how it will be different. But it is evident that scoring alone will not help you sail through career and life. Only your curiosity to learn and adapt will help you move forward. Let us separate learning from scoring. But let us go for both. Let scoring be natural outcome of your learning. Let us do it the smart way. Read below how to do it.

13 Steps to Effortless Excellence

Browse through the workbook several times before starting to work on it. Breathe these concepts for a few days and start to experience what emotions they create in you.

Allow all those emotions. If this feels boring to you, let that feeling be. Come back again after a while or a day or a week and read through again. Witness subtle changes in your emotions.

Keep this on your side table, next to bed. This workbook will call you on its own.

Enjoy filling up your profile. This is your own self. You will love it. Do not try to be a superstar in your profile. You are one, and this process will help you bring out that hidden super star automatically. Just follow through the process.

When you are ready, take a baby step. Spend 3 minutes or so to fill the tracker of the day (Diagnosis). Do just that for 3 days. Do not go into Prevention and Cure section in the first week, unless you feel you are ready. .

Do not jump on to start filling up the workbook. In fact, read through all sheets and let yourself wonder how this will help you? It is fine if you do not believe it will help.

Be sincere. Do not become serious. Sincere people do smart work. Serious people do hard work, like a donkey.

Once you have been doing it for a week, skip it for a day or two. See the difference between when you were doing it sincerely and when you are not doing it. It is as simple as that. Something which is helping you feel good about yourself, then it is not an effort. It is then fun. It is like watching films or funny reels.

When you get curious to go deep into it, watch online lectures to better understand how it is helping you.

When you come for our online intervention, we will teach you a simple breathing technique that will help you diffuse bullying, scolding, boring teachers and make you pro at handling people without handling them. Confused? Come and experience it.

Remember, this program is to open up your spirit, take away your nervousness and pressure and create more time for fun. If for some reason, it overwhelms you- then pause. This means you got serious about yourself. Discuss with your parents or call us for help. We will put you back on track. Remember when she walked out on you by saying you are way too serious.

As you begin to practice it at bedtime, you will find that a lot of hidden emotions are coming out. Handle them the way it is described in the Cure section while you slip into sleep. Watch the magic unfold the very next day.

You shall be able to experience the impact of this program within 1 to 3 weeks. So, your only efforts are till you experience the difference. So, our designers have designed it with colours in such a way that you have fun while filling up till you experience the difference. Remember, you learn it once, you have it for life long. Like you were once taught how to eat and now you are effortless at it. This program is just like that only.



You shall be able to have more confidence and peace within, more focus in the class room, better ability to deal with difficult situations, people and emotions, and better sleep quality.

Let us light a lamp in the life of one person more than last year. Let us raise hope. Let us take responsibility for the planet. We owe it to our mother and our motherland.


You would not need to cope with the suffering then; the techniques will take you to your realizations which will lead you to the wisdom which holds the key to the cure.





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

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