My daughter was in secondary school when I attended her PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting). Her art teacher said that she performs well for 2 hours and in the next one hour she rushes through it and spoils her own work. When I looked at her maths paper, I found that she has made several silly mistakes for simple problems. In history, I noticed red marks towards the last para of a descriptive answers.
I looked at the pattern. I noticed a tendency to jump in quickly, restlessness in doing elaborate work and fatigue towards the end. This meant lack of patience, endurance and lack of vision.

Next few days as her mother worked on growing her patience, I began to decode the series of events of her life to figure out the origin of her lack of patience. Patience and endurance are natural attributes of a girl child. Losing femininity meant tending to have more masculine energy. I found out the origin of it through her life events. Then it was just matter of making her aware and a simple process to follow which this program has for your child.

Results had sharp improvement within next weeks and reflected in her better performance in all her subjects. This was a small gain, bigger gain was the wisdom that she can be aligned with her attributes and yet excel among boys and girls.

My son is a footballer and from very early years aspired to be a professional footballer. Academics were a hindrance. I had to request every teacher not to spoil him with academics, and meanwhile told my son to study enough to pass the examination. This approach faced a challenge when he had to write his 10th board exam. This time he was nervous. Being a player, you do not like to lose. This examination was the same for him. However, board exam is an altogether different animal. Incidentally I had to be on a long tour in the month when we were to prepare for board examination.

It is here that I designed this program before going on a tour which you hold in your hand now. He had one month to prepare. He had only been doing classwork. The most difficult task was to discover the syllabus and design a scoring strategy on which his sister helped him. In addition to what you have in the workbook here, I created a few more plans to structure his 24 hours for one month. This was to be strictly followed and self-review. I aligned the study hours slots. Gave him a slot to kick the ball and that was the most important step to keep his spirit alive every day. Sleep timing and how to study while sleeping. Revision method and assessment methods. I aligned nature of subjects with a specific Prahar so that retention is optimal. So a war level strategy was created to cover one year of academics in one month but it became a game for him.

He lived moment to moment following the schedule and became curious about how it is helping him. He scored 2Bs, 2Cs, 2Ds and one A. This surprised his teachers as much as he was surprised. Yes, the hidden secret here is that being a player, he is highly disciplined, attention span is high, therefore his classroom learning was excellent.

Since then, several of our kids from friends and family and community have been introduced to components of this program, and both kids and parents are quite relieved. This program has evolved through all these years and is of course based on our 12 years of research and book Meditation – The Cure which has benefitted thousands of people with chronic suffering.

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Journey of parents and a child is intertwined for life and a parent continuously endeavours through life to bring the best to the child.
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You shall be able to have more confidence and peace within, more focus in the class room, better ability to deal with difficult situations, people and emotions, and better sleep quality.

Let us light a lamp in the life of one person more than last year. Let us raise hope. Let us take responsibility for the planet. We owe it to our mother and our motherland.


You would not need to cope with the suffering then; the techniques will take you to your realizations which will lead you to the wisdom which holds the key to the cure.





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