This program is Not for those who want to become a healer for others 

We do not administer any healing on anyone. We guide and coach people to discover the cure within themselves. Therefore, there is no way, you can be successful in this program and career, unless you are, first, willing to transform yourself and that is why this certification program is very different from any program you may have come across. It is a never-ending, continuous process of learning, to delve deeper within.


We say so, because we are not healers- we do not administer any healing on anyone. We guide and coach people to discover the cure within themselves. Therefore, there is no way, you can be successful in this program and your journey with us – in any form – big or small, unless you are, first, willing to transform yourself and that is why this fellowship program is very different from any program that you may have come across. The work that we do, with respect to finding the cure within is a continuous process of learning, towards constant evolution and transformation. 

As you would have read in the book, “Everything is vibrating in the universe. Nothing is fixed- nor is death and destiny” 

Become certified health and well-being professional. 

It’s for anyone who wants to discover their own self for health and well-being. 


Many of our students, some of who are now integral members of our team across various roles, have been where you are today- at the threshold of breaking in, within. And at this juncture as well as through their learning with us during various interventions, they have all often wondered:

  • Once I complete this course, how can I still engage in a meaningful way and thus continue to be on my inner journey 
  • Is being a faculty the only way forward, with respect to my path ahead with NV Life? 
  • What are the other roles taken up by individuals, in the organization?  
  • What is the life of a faculty like 

The above are some of the questions which have often intrigued our graduates from Manthan program.  What we share below may help you understand a little more, if you have similar questions as well. 

All the work that an individual does at NV Life begins with turning inwards. Yog Nidra and living in a healing space is the lifestyle and LoS and Algorithm alongside the tools of Dark and Fantasy come about as way of working through the cycle of pain and bliss.  

So, when one begins as an intern, post Manthan or Svaha with us, the role would not be that of a faculty. The lifecycle of every team member has flown through the roles of operations, quality control and review, research, logistics management, design and content creation. And as you would find yourself in one or multiple roles, the intensity of the work that you begin to do with us would be a function of your time and space. Some of our community members work with us from time to time on a project basis, while most others have a committed schedule with us. 

To know more, write to us at careers@nvlife.net and we shall get in touch with you.



Includes Book Readers, who –    

  • have experienced some transformation through the book, Curedemy and or the FB forum;    
  • may not have attended any program with NV Life;    
  • may or may not have been initiated into or practiced other schools of healing in the past.    
  • are free from any chronic disease/s.


  • People who have attended at least one Manthan with NV Life and have experienced significant transformation. However, they should be free of any chronic disease/diseases.

“The need to survive, this, is the origin of all belief and lack of faith creates the need to survive. Hence, faith is inversely proportional to belief” 

Book – Meditation the cure

Author – Naveen Varshneya


The Learning Continuum

  • Letting go of core lack   
  • Deepen understanding of hopelessness and origin of the same.   
  • Deepening of sadhana and moving towards the origin of belief.  
  • Focus on a deeper understanding of the concepts of Pain.  
  • Experience of the void within, as sadhana deepens. 

Some Key Learning Outcomes:  

  • Ability to discover self and find strength within, in the face of uncertainty.
  • Leadership skills through compassion and love to heal humanity.   
  • Pursue call of the spirit and merge work & life.   
  • Solve problems for humanity.   
  • Help people restore health and well-being.  

 This course includes:

  • Immersive reading & guided understanding of the book, Meditation – The Cure.   
  • 3-6 Months Digital Intervention- Chetna, Vedna & Manthan   
  • Video-based lectures  
  • Group coaching session with Coaches.  
  • Direct Intervention in diagnosis by Naveen Varshneya to help you delve deeper.  
  • Svaha – The Retreat (To know more about Svaha, click here)  
  • 3-6 Months of Working with the community and Deep Transformation  

As mentioned above, 3 Digital Interventions & ‘Svaha’ have been woven into the program structure. The objective of these interventions is to gravitate your learning, in a step-by-step manner, towards a deeper understanding of the self.  

The interventions intersperse the courseware at the intermediary and the final stage.   

Through the respective programs, participants will be taught the models of diagnosis and algorithm, the practical application of the same while working with patients and various exercises of simulation and case studies.    

Attendance and participation at the retreat is imperative for all participants.  

  • Finally, the participants will be required to make a final presentation, at the culmination of the fellowship program.  
  • Pursuant to the completion of the program, all NV Life Participants from the program, who would have gained their fellowship, will be deemed to be interns with NV Life for a period of 6 months.   
  • Thereon, as they transform themselves, they would be given independent charge to work with the community and could work as a partner or be a member of the core team. 






Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you.