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OTB connection to emotions

What is the process of meditation and how do the emotions get grounded.

Anger - Pain & Bliss

When I am feeling angry, should I control/ suppress it

Sleep Issue

I have sleep disorder. Whenever I want to sleep or meditate I am unable to because of severe pain in my legs and hands. What should I do?​

Attention to Body Part

While meditating instead of observing the breath I noticed that I switch to another meditation technique without my knowledge.

Palpation and Emotional sensitivity

Recently I have noticed that my pulse rate is very high. What could be the reason for that?

Too Many Thoughts

How do handle an overactive mind with too many random thoughts?

Sleep & Anxiety

I go to work leaving my child for 4-5 hours. I feel anxious during that period. Is it possible to get rid of this anxiety using breathing technique? If so, then how?

Negativity Declutter

How does one get rid of negative thoughts that make mind hyperactive?

Post YN Emptiness

After reaching YN was at peace and in bliss. However, post breakfast there was queasy feeling in my stomach. Why?

Allergy, take medication, wait

During morning mediation I got running nose and humid weather affects me. Should I stop and take pills for my allergy first then begin the morning meditation?


Not to use cotton

Can you explain do's and don't while using cotton in right nostril?

Science, follow intuition, not conflict

What are the guidelines for using cotton during different day to day activities?

Using Cotton

What is the purpose of using cotton?

Night - negative emotions & cotton

When I use cotton at night, why do negative emotions surface?

Change in taste - nausea

I am nauseous and drowsy and experiencing a change of taste due to cotton use. Is that okay?

Using cotton at night and feeling uneasy

Using cotton at night bothers me more than using it during the day. Why is that?

Cotton uncomfortable, too many thoughts

The use of cotton makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?

Cotton use - can't put for long

I am facing discomfort while using cotton. Please guide.

Sinus, Sleep 2 hours

What are the challenges faced while using cotton in case of Sinusitis?

Charge cotton every Time

Is it necessary to charge cotton everytime we use it?

Cotton Asthma

I suffer from Asthama. Is it safe for me to use cotton?

Energize cotton

Why do we need to energize the cotton?

NV Swimming

What is Yog Nidra

NV Swimming and Emotions

How do we differentiate if emotions are reducing in intensity or am I suppressing them?

Fixation of Words

I am fixated at the few experiences Sir has mentioned about Yog Nidra? Is that hindering my experience?

Video of Past - Thought YN

During NV Swimming I saw past events. Was that Yog Nidra?

Morning Meditation

Is it important to attend Morning Meditation sessions?

Random Visions

Is the flash I saw my thought or was I in Yog Nidra? Do these visuals have meaning or can they be random?

NV Swimming before sleep

NV Swimming is a peaceful experience for me. Can I do it before going to bed? Can I go for a walk after doing it in the morning?

NV Swimming AJ

I am sometimes not able to pay attention to my breath due to random thoughts. Also, at work I find it difficult to attend my breath and focus on work simultaneously. How do I go about these issues?

Suffocation during Yog Nidra

I feel like I am running out of oxygen while in Yog Nidra. I tried to move, but couldn't. Is that normal?

Sitting - Lying down

I have back ache issue. However, I find I can do NV Swimming better while sitting, than lying down. Can I do that?

Emotional Body

King Ashoka example

What do you mean by Staying with an Emotion? Just breathing on it, isn't that holding back emotion?

Calm - Cranky

I am usually a calm person, so why am I feeling so cranky lately? I am doing meditation, shouldn't I be more zen?

Fear of Judgement

What do I do when I feel Fear of Judgement?

Suffering Zone - Emotions - Survival

Why do we have irrational fears? Like fear of dark room, fear of heights, etc. How do we develop an algorithm for that?

Not able to name Emotions

I am not able to name my emotions. They are all very similar for me to differentiate. Is it necessary to name them?

Child should not feel pain

What can we do to narrow down the spectra of belief in a child, so he/she is never in pain?

Purpose of EGO

What is the difference between expression & regulation of emotions?

Judgement issues

How important is judgement to the enitre emotional body? Should we give importance to it or just try to be ourselves?

Anger- Situation -Repetitive Emotions

Should we breathe on situations wherein we felt the emotion or should we breathe the emotion? Also, as I was writing, I realsied I felt the same emotion in every situation. Am I making a mistake?

Am I being selfish

7-8 days in the program, I am seeing that I keep most of my time to myself. Am I being selfish?

Vocal - Emotions

Why have I become vocal about my emotions now? Is it supposed to happen?

Suppression of Emotions

How do we go about fear of experiencing emotions especially if there's judgement around it, or there's resistance as they make us feel unstable?

How to minimise worry

Death of Father

Death of my father was a very traumatizing event for me? Why should I go back to that pain again?

Anger - Sit calm and quiet

Is it that whenever we feel negative emotions, we should sit calm and quiet and observe our breath and wait for it to go away?

Acceptance - different levels

How do I know if I have completely accepted an event, so I can feel pain?

Pause and OTB - Guilt & Shame

When I have an outburst, the emotions I feel are anger, fear, guilt & shame. I now pause and breathe on those, but sometimes I still can't stop the outburst. What do I do?

Work on self not others

How do we avoid negativity when there are disappointments in life?

How do I identify events

How do I identify events that I have negative emotions that I should breathe on?

What is Shame

Old Person 14-21

In my 14-21 no impactful events happened. However, there are events in 21-28 that I can remember. What should I do?

Emotions - Breath

I was not sure if it was important for me to look at certain events, but then emotions came to surface which I didn't think existed for me. Since then, I am feeling very emotional. What should I do?

Day Hunting

Mixing Events across days

Is it normal, if events across 2-3 days, come to me during day hunting?

Intensity of emotions not same

My intensity of emotion has gone down for an event even before doing NV Hunting on the same. Am I making a mistake? Am I suppressing it?

NV Hunting

What is grounding of emotions

Wisdom - Abuse

How will I get wisdom out of an abuse?

What do you mean by Staying with the Emotion

Death - NV Hunting

In my mind, my father's death is an old memory and I have come out of it? Why is NV Hunting on Death of a loved one important?

EOD and YN

It is advised not to do NV Hunting end of day, but sometimes that's the only time I am free. What do I do? Also, after NV Hunting is it necessary to reach Yog Nidra while observing breath?

OTB - Hunting - Switch - Posture

As I lie down for NV Hunting, should I wait for few seconds observing my breath and then bring up the event? If related events come up, when should I switch? Also, during NV Hunting, there's this urge to cross legs or put hands behind head. Is that okay?

Defrost - Vidaai

The event I picked for Hunting, felt very scattered during the process. I defrosted in a very brief way. Also, I feel the consequence of the event is my issue and not the event itself. What should I do?

Missed Q & A + How to Hunt

I couldn't ask my question last time due to time issues. How should I go about NV Hunting? Should I do NV Swimming & NV Hunting consecutively?


Relationship of M&F

Do we pick a partner in life who is a representation of our lack from our parents in 0-7?

Greed & Sky & Wisdom

My Greed in my expectations from my daughter resulted in anger towards my wife and children. I now desire to be the sky of unlimited possibilities for my daughter. How do I go about it?

Discord with MIL

Is discord with Mother-in-law connected to disconnection with mother?

Disconnection with father

What is the impact of disconnection with father? How does one fix it?


Domestic Abuse & Children

I have had 30 years of marriage and I faced domestic abuse. However, for my children's and my own sake, how do I make the relationship work?


Not regular in the program

Do we pick a partner in life who is a representation of our lack from our parents in 0-7?

Issue in attending Tathata

I have to take out time from work to attend Tathata Webinars. So, I sometimes end up missing them. What do I do?

Book & Video

I am a little all over the place about how to corelate the videos on LMS & chapters of book. Please guide on how to go about it.