Extreme anxiety & panic attacks didn’t let her sleep at night

Extreme anxiety marred her day and panic attacks didn’t let her sleep at night. Many learned yoga from her and benefited, but she could only help others deal with their day-to-day life better, her own life stayed untouched, her suffering intact. Feeling isolated in her ecosystem, she spent her days locked in a bedroom of her bungalow, not understanding what went wrong with her life. 

The book reached her as a Diwali gift. As soon as the book reached, her daughter who had the book for two years started her journey with the book. 

As she started her journey with the book her panic attacks stopped altogether, and she slept peacefully through the night for the first time. 

She was amazed to read how meditation could be so simplified and cure is not a myth. 

With her experience through the book, she walked into Chetna along with her daughter and cured her anxiety and panic attacks. 

Her daughter continued her journey further into Vedna as she holds space for her mother to join. 

Are you tired of the side effects of anxiety medication? There is a possibility of anxiety treatment without medicationAs students walk with us through Chetna they learn to balance their electromagnetic field with the science of breathing and cotton technique. As their awareness about themselves expands with the inward journey of breath they are able to successfully reduce anxiety and stress naturally in 21 days. 

Discover the Cure within you with the book Meditation the Cure -by Naveen Varshneya. 

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