Executive Producer – Job Description

You need to have your left and your right brain in balance. If not, we will help you  transform. Do have the vision to see manifestation of a vision? Your right brain will help you visualize what our award-winning rather unassuming director wants you to produce and your left brain will make you a sharp executor in otherwise a creative and chaotic organization.   

A highly organized, resourceful candidate with extensive experience of diverse genres production will be preferred. You would be responsible for recruiting and interviewing the appropriate staff, managing the daily affairs of cast and crew, and cultivating a working environment that meets the needs of a long-term, collaborative project, among other duties. In short, build our post production studio from ground zero. 

Executive Producer Responsibilities: 

  • Recruiting the creative team  
  • Working with freelancers/contract/permanent team virtually 
  • Outlining a long-term working timeline. 
  • Managing the daily affairs of cast and crew. 
  • Seeing the production through from conception to final cut, ensuring production quality. 
  • Outlining a budget and working within its limitations. 
  • Ability to endure revisions to create outstanding final product. 

 Executive Producer Requirements: 

  • Degree in film, television, or related field preferable 
  • Strong leadership and decision-making skills 
  • Experience in film, television, radio, or journalism 
  • Comfortable with delegation 
  • Good multitasking ability 
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Excellent verbal communication 

 Nature of contract: Permanent/long term contract 

Geography: Global 

Mode of work: Mix of Virtual & Physical 

Open for: Expert