Start-Up Kit


Start-Up Kit

A beginner’s tool box to turn within.

The initiation and induction into the program. This video will help you understand how to approach the program. To understand the foundation- tune into this video.

If you feel you have no problem or you have no problem with your problem then this video is not for you. If you feel have a lack in your life and you are searching for something then rest assured, you are in distress and the seeds of disease are sown. Disease is nothing but a desperate attempt to disrupt your body functioning so that your attention comes on the emotions you have suppressed in attempting to survive, and the thoughts you created to suppress these emotions. Any system of healing be it allopathy or ayurveda, only provide the trigger to stimulate the cure. In all of these, it is you who is healing yourself. Suffering was created by you so the cure is also within you. If by now you are curious enough to find the answer to your distress, disease or disorder then this video will help you to take the first step to find the cure that lies within.

There was a time when we had optimal immunity. It was when we were very young and our electromagnetic field was in a balanced state. However this field is dynamic in nature, and with the passage of time, our male and female energies become imbalanced and disease begins to set in. Our lifestyle today is disruptive, we live in our mind.
All chronic diseases begin with this disruption in our electromagnetic field. If we grow our magnetic field our immunity grows multifold. Is there a simple way to restore this imbalance and consequently restore our immunity? Watch this video to learn the cotton technique to restore your immunity in minutes.

Breath is a mystical phenomenon. It is the only link between life and mystery. Life begins with breathing in and ends with breathing out. It flows in us every moment. All the mysteries of our lives are hidden within the breath, but what is a bigger mystery today is that no matter how hard we try it’s not easy to observe our breath. Why are we at a stage when something which is our basic nature is beyond our reach? The answer to this question is also the answer to why we are suffering today. This video will give you the answer why.

All spiritual practices tell us to witness ourselves. Witnessing yourself means witnessing your thoughts which in turn means witnessing your emotions. But it seems futile and something that is only within the reach of a few. When you begin to observe your breath you are consumed by your thoughts and find it impossible to remain with your breath. You remain stuck in a catch -22 situation.
Is all lost or is there a way to get past this hurdle?
Can we begin by observing the thought?
Can we arrest our thoughts by practising this?
Learn to overcome your thoughts through this process, watch the video.