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The Cure is within you:  To discover the cure within, here is the courseware structured for you to begin your treatment to reverse your suffering 

Please be guided below to make the choice for yourself. Should you need any further consult/ guidance, please feel free to connect with our team.  

Stages of working towards and finding the cure within & the Interventions 



When answers to the questions are within us, then we first need to learn how to turn inwards.  

Diagnosis of your suffering with root cause using our algorithm, emotional body and sexuality in addition to other associated topics are extensively covered to make you turn inward to begin the journey towards cure. 

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Vedna (Module I) 

This module has been designed to hand hold you as you advance on the path of recovery from deep rooted traumas, abuses, tragedies as well as specific distress/ disorder/ disease.  

Through this curriculum, we shall aid the implementation of your learnings and help you prevent the reversal in learnings from Chetna. 

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Manthan (Module II) 

We fear dark. And store it in our subconscious. The soul, however, continues to hold a penchant for moving towards and embracing light. 

Can the light really be absorbed without learning the science of the dark within, which continues to attract suffering and tragedies?   

Learn the science of dark to embrace the light! 

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As you complete your advanced course with Module II, you transition into the Fellowship Program with us.

Having charted out your work within and journey with us in the above phases, we have come to realise that many of our participants find themselves ready to commit to the complete journey right from the start. Of course, such preparedness brings you into the program at a different frequency, for the sheer intent that you create for your own health and wellbeing, right at the outset.  

So here is how you shall proceed further, to commit yourself to your own health and wellbeing: 



  • GST: Rs ₹2,298.78
  • Final Fee Amount
  • Rs . 15,069.78/-


  • GST: Rs . ₹3,801.78
  • Final Fee Amount
  • Rs . 24,922.78-


  • GST: Rs . 5,999.58
  • Final Fee Amount
  • Rs . 39,330.58/-

Chetna + Vedna + Manthan

  • GST: Rs.10,398.78
  • Final Fee Amount​​
  • Rs/ 68,169.78


  • The fee stated above are all in INR 
  • The discounted differential in pricing of singular intervention vs. the combination is a gesture extended to you to open up the commitment and creating the space within you to bring the light of Meditation-The Cure in your life and that of your family! 
  • The GST bill will be made available to you. You may claim the input credit for GST.
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