This program is open for anyone and everyone, above the age of 21. The only exclusion is of individuals with a deep level of suffering. They shall first enroll themselves with us as patients and reverse their suffering; thereafter, their candidature is suitable for the certification program.   You can be a working professional who wants to take up coaching as a part-time engagement for the moment or you could just do it because it will transform you and you can then educate your family members towards transformation as well.  This program is not for people who want to take it up solely for the purpose of making a career. While, it is a career like none other, this program is tuned for people who are seeking a higher dimension of life and want to make a difference in their life and, through that, become an example for others.  You do not become a healer. We do not carry out any healing on anyone. We guide and coach people to discover the cure within themselves. Therefore, there is no way, you can be successful in this program and career, unless you are, first, willing to transform yourself and that is why this certification program is very different from any program you may have come across. It is a never-ending, continuous process of learning, to delve deeper within.