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Score more, play more, Study Less

  • Increase ability to remain focused in the classroom
  • Increased ability to retain learning
  • Effortlessly create curiosity in boring subjects
  • Reduce dependence on tuition and extra classes
  • Infuse vision and positivity in the child
  • Reduce probability of being tempted to distractions
  • A path to discover inner wisdom and expand the spirit


Where is the scope for studying more???

The only solution is to maximise learning in the classroom. Pushing for academics beyond a point affects mental health and wellbeing which is a huge cost in your growing up years. A child needs free space, free time for creative expression while scoring well. 

10 top reasons for lack of attention span  

  1. There are only two types of subjects to study- logical and creative. Finding a subject boring is due to improper development of one of the two faculties (left brain and right brain or male and female energy) and inability to reproduce learning comes from poor coordination between these two energies. 
  1. Boring teacher is really a symptom or a trigger and not the root cause.  
  1. If a child has a younger sibling, it is natural that the parents will give more attention to the new-born. This may lead the child to feel left out and neglected. 
  1. If the child has faced or witnessed a death in the family, it is quite common for the child to often feel lost in the classroom.  
  1. If the child has experienced sexual abuse very early on in life it is highly likely that the child’s attention will keep drifting away from the present moment to the moment of trauma in the past.  
  1. If a child has been brought up in his grandparents’ place, largely away from his parents even for a few months or years, the child has experienced abandonment. This would become an area of developing loss of trust and therefore leading to the child feeling lost or traumatized. 
  1.  If a child has experienced harsh words or physical violence, coming from parents or any family member, he or she will constantly be experiencing the emotion of fear and threat. Therefore, affecting his/her ability to focus.  
  1. If a child has experienced unstable parental relationship or regular fights at home 
  1. If a child has been bullied at school or home by his friends 
  1. If the child was an unwanted child- conceived by mistake, then the child may be showing symptoms of lowered attention span.  

 And these reasons affect the sleep and that in turn affects attention span, and this is a vicious circle 

When the problem is attention span, how can tuition help you and if it helps you, it will not help you reproduce much in exam? 

Tuition and online courses are for  

  1. Deepening the learning in specific subject 
  1. It shall not be used as substitute of school learning 


Are you struggling with the attention span of a goldfish? What if there was a way to hack it? 

  1.  A Simple 1 step process for 5 mins process if followed religiously, brings more focus on Class study 

  1.  A simple 3 step process for 10 mins every night before sleeping, while lying in bed, will lead to improvement in Emotional & mental health and bring focus for the next day 



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