What is score more

10 Reasons why a student loses Focus

Let us break your myth:

What is the difference between you and someone who scores effortlessly or a topper?

They are not

More Intelligent

More Sincere

More Hard-working

More Privileged

The answer is...

The difference between a topper and you, is not intelligence but ability to reproduce intelligence in a given time.

But why are you not able to reproduce learning – it is because of your emotions of anxiety, nervousness and pressure to perform. This affects your ability to bring out the learning and reproduce the learning.

7 Factors that affect your ability to learn:


  • Age group 7 to 21

Impact of the Program

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OCD is triggered due to a breach of trust. It has two clear components a) obsessive thoughts b) compulsive thoughts.

Performance is not about how good you are, but how you perform within a given time slot and environment.

Why less than perfect is not so easy for our generation when it comes to our children and why are we so worrisome, insecure and obsessive ensuring they get the best??





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10 Reasons why a student loses Focus

Ever wondered what takes away your attention; What occupies your space and distracts you?

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