5 Reasons TP is Leaner, Meatier & Deeper


New Year, new me has a whole different meaning for us. We have always believed in evolving with each program and bringing forth the best possible way to find the cure within.  

We have introduced a few changes in treatment program. The result of which has led the program to be leaner and sharper.  

Keep reading to understand the before and after scenarios of treatment program.  

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1. Deep diagnostics: 

Deep Diagnosis has been a research lab. A simulation lab and extensive detailing in which practically entire team is involved in challenging it, absorbing it and finally discovering their own pattern of suffering through the journey of students. Then it is presented to the founder 

In 2021 

Individual Deep Diagnostics were earlier done over a period of 7-10 days and by the 15th day we would share the insights with the students. 

In 2022 

Deep Diagnostics is now a group session. We spend almost entire day on zoom with students and collect all the data. On the spot everything is put in the templates in which we can examine.  

Deep Diagnosis now happens over a period of 72 hours only and the result and findings of the same are presented in the next few days, which also include insights from the founder.  IN essence, we have cut down from 2 weeks to one week and it just got more intense. 

We have witnessed a rapid shift in the students’ awareness since the Deep Diagnosis structure has changed.  

 With each story being shared there we witnessed that it broke their shame around their suffering- sexuality, emotional etc and they came forwarded boldly to tell their stories. Yet there are people who find it difficult to do it in the first go because of the shame. 

We embraced both.  


 2. Samvaad Sessions: 

In 2021 

Samvaad sessions were led by coaches. 

In 2022 

Samvaad sessions are only moderated by coaches. This is enabling more peer-to-peer interaction.  

Every time we go through this journey, we feel that our problems are unique, however, that isn’t true. Yes, there is uniqueness in individual’s problems, but it isn’t anything new. This we understand as coaches. But it makes a far bigger impact on students to hear from their fellow travelers that the problems aren’t that unique after all- which means you are not alone. 

Peer-to-peer learning helps students build faith and look forward to attending their issues with heightened curiosity. 


  1. Live Sessions: 

In 2021: Classroom Teaching 

2021 witnessed a lot of sessions which were either spread across multiple days in a week. 

Depending on the sudden need of the batch we also did a lot of adhoc sessions, thinking that this quick decision will help the students. Yes, it did, but we realized that we weren’t being efficient in the way we were running the show- creating a strain on the Curedemy system. Also we realized how we owned the responsibility of their transformation, rather than the students themselves owning their transformation. 

 In 2022: Home Tuition 

For those of you who have been to tuition classes, you would remember from your childhood days how the teacher would sit next to you and handhold you. He would watch your every move and every step and could even predict the kind of mistake you would make in the next arithmetic equation. 

Yes, we have now introduced a 4-hour format, which is very similar to home tuition classes.  

We have done 9-10 sessions of this home tuition format and observed these results so far- 

      1. Students who struggled to do NV Hunting or struggled to implement the finer points of Hunting were rapidly able to launch themselves in the space and surrender to the event/emotion 
      2. This means they are now experiencing live meditation with live guidance in the session. 
      3. Work on self is now happening under the supervision of the coaches. This also means that any feedback and guidance is being implemented live within the energy field of the session. Let’s say the student makes a mistake in attempting the first technique, no problem, we now course correct it, on the spot, rather than waiting for a whole day for them to come back either through the forum or the next session. Implementation is now swift. 
      4. When repeatedly techniques are being implemented over those 4 hours- the student is developing the ability to stay in the space. 
      5. We are witnessing people come in with the problem statement at 3:30 pm and by 7:30 pm they have arrived at wisdom. Of course, we must understand that intention, attention and awareness are preconditions- but the format is a booster for moving from dark to light. 
      6. Scenarios and stories 
        • An ambitious 35-year-old pregnant woman, a big shot in the corporate, struggled to understand her core tendency. With the help of home tuition, she was able to understand how her entire career was not really an achievement, as at the root of it she was nothing but a ‘filler’. The shattering realization took her towards pain and seeds of transformation were sowed. 
        • A stubborn 37-year-old who could never differentiate between love and lust and continued to spend his life struggling between the two- could finally scan all the patterns of his relationship so far and experience love.  
        • A 45-year-old man was able to vividly recollect sitting outside the store and feeling lonely for the first time while his mother and sister shopped, as he realized the seeds of his loneliness were sowed there and so were the seeds of vengeance against his mother and sister. This small moment continued to define his life, the pattern of which he was able to break.

We have so many such stories to be told, from the brand-new format. 


 2. Soul Journey & Unique Trajectory: 


Customization existed, but the call to customize certain elements was taken as and when the student made progress.  

In 2022 

We preempt the unique trajectory of the student based on their soul journey. This helps us create a prescription based on the same.  


  •  Meatier 

 1. Founder and Insights: 

In 2021 

Founder interaction was once in a month over a live session. While we approached him as and when we needed help. This is now organized. 

In 2022 

All the cases are under the keen observation of the founder on weekly basis. He spends hours reviewing, each case with the team. It is a grilling session for team too and it is beautiful because a lot of new insights and discoveries come in these long sessions. These insights are then given to the students and monitored for implementation.  

This has proved to be far more effective, than his monthly live sessions which are now discontinued. 

In conclusion the hands which are holding you have become firmer, and the grip of the support is only growing tighter.  

Embrace the new change and walk along with the laser sharp focus of Treatment Program. [/signinlocker]


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