Early sign of Stress in healthy people

Stress is the most common phenomenon and even our children are also coming under stress. What is stress? Stress is a state where you feel you are handling more than you can deal with. It means your stable system which you never had to think about, needs some more energy to keep itself stable.

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The catch is that no one can handle more than the capacity to handle but that does not mean we need to put ourselves under test to check our capacity. However, if we feel that life is feeling difficult, that means we are under stress and this state of being under stress is non-scale-able and one must quickly work towards attaining inner balance (spirit-body-mind) before it drives life towards breaking point.

  1. Life feels burdensome. Either the worry about the future grows high ( lack of faith) or the mind likes to go back to the past to find some self-pity or happiness. In essence, wants to escape present reality.
  2. The mind remains occupied almost all of the time with some thoughts and if you like to change your thoughts, it is hard to do so. Often it is a result of some hurt which you are not able to accept giving rise to obsessiveness.
  3. Inability to focus on the task and mind drifting away in all directions
  4. Excessive dependency on people and fear of being alone
  5. Lack of proper sleep and be very careful with this. You correct it, rest all begins to fall in place
  6. High level of anxiety/worry
  7. Panic about future
  8. Nervousness. Constant nervousness and watery eyes
  9. Lose of self-confidence to do a task which was easier earlier
  10. Irritation/ Anger/short temper
  11. Shallow breathing/often breathing through the mouth ( another most important parameter)
  12. Loss of libido ( 3rd pillar of health and all these 3 points are interconnected)[/signinlocker]


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