Do you dare to bare your soul?

Do you dare to bare your soul?

Or does it lay buried under layers of the latest branded shirt?



When was the last time you felt the wind in your face?


The raindrops falling on your skin? 

We are caught in the shackles of our mind and our spirit lies dormant seeking expression. Manthan 10.0 participant discovers the joy and liberation of baring his body and soul in meditation. 



I walked in front of a full-length mirror and looked at me like I haven’t in years!

It felt liberating to be naked!

Yog Nidra– it was the most calming experience. Had a shower, lit the tea lamps, and for the first time took off all my clothes to meditate. It was an intense experience – no constrictions, lying naked on the floor.

Me and my breathI could feel the stress ease with every exhalation.

~Manthan 10.0 Student


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