Do not look for a substitute for your parents…



Chetna 19.0 had the privilege of the Founder addressing the student’s queries in an Open House session in Samekan, as a part of their consolidation. 


Student: After losing my parents 5 years ago, I don’t know who I am anymore. I was quite connected to myself but not anymore. How may I work on that? I feel like a different person and am finding it hard to connect. So the heart and mind union, the bliss is missing. 


When you lose your mother you lose the earth. 

When you lose your father you lose the sky. 

You become a wanderer. 


You are suddenly thrown from a pond to the sea to swim. You have access to an enormous amount of freedom but no direction. You begin to wonder if your life has any more purpose? You continue to remain glued to the mystery that one day all have to leave.  


The significance of this event from a soul journey point of view is that you are now liberated from various belief. And you have to rediscover yourself. Your ability to embrace existence grows and vision for your life begins to set in as long you continue to remain with the wonderment and mystery such an event has inflicted on you. 


You can never have more pain than that of losing your parents. However, it’s an inevitable occurrence and part of nature. The real question is not why such an event occurred to you but how it is transforming you. Arriving at the pain of loss is the path of light ahead to give you direction. 


As you experience this pain with your breath, it eventually will take you towards bliss. The search for bliss after the loss of parents is a search in the wrong direction. The acceptance of this pain will give direction to your freedom. And that – is your path.  


Look out for one temptation. Do not look for a substitute for your parents – because there exists no such thing. You will only end up feeling exploited and cheated as you set out on this quest. You will lose your worth in the endless pursuit of their love. 


The prahar of 6 to 9 PM supports loss and experiencing existence. Breathe your loss in this prahar. Through the travails of grief and sadness, you will be led to your pain. 




Samekan is the consolidation of learning. The seeds you sowed for transformation and nurtured for 21 days, if not harvested, may remain open and lose. The rule of manifestation is consolidation and acceptance.  


Awareness heals. It arrests suffering to play on you and blocks your pattern. This is what consolidation does. This is why Samekan is essential to learning.  


Samekan has the same frequency as the Prahar of 6-9 PM. Consolidation, satisfaction and experiencing the existence of living. If your day remains unconsolidated, you carry the lack into the night and over time, manifest it as suffering. 






Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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