Mental Disorder 

Mind has no mind beyond its need to survive 

Chapter Mental Body| meditation the Cure| Naveen Varshneya 

Please read Distress  to understand science of mental disorder. 

Every moment we live is an event and every event creates emotions. Role of mind is to regulate, suppress, express or transmute an emotion. Take any thought and you will discover an emotion being represented. 

Mental disorder is a state where our mind is not in our control. Fully, partially or periodically. This is the state when mind begins to think on its own and we do not have control. If we want to change, we cannot change our thoughts. But this is rather normal and we experience such scenarios during the day at least a few times. Therefore, we all have mental disorder. We all know about our anger outburst. This is where it can get alarming. Mental disorder is a subject matter of prevention more than cure. Here is how to check if you shall be concerned about your mental health 

  1. Check for the periodicity, intensity and time interval of behavior or thoughts which occurs on its own and you have no control. For example: – anger outburst or feeling withdrawn or you discover yourself in loop of thoughts (onset of OCD) such as obsessed with promotion, relationship etc. 
  2. Has it started to affect your work? Your inability to focus on your work? You take longer time and struggle more for the task? This means your suppressed emotions (subconscious) has started interfering with your conscious mind. 

Its impact you can experience in 3 pillars of health and wellbeing 

  1. Heavy or jerky or rapid breath more often than before 
  2. Disturbed sleep or waking up with thoughts or emotions of the previous day 
  3. Lack of sexual desire or lack of spread through the body or obsessive sexual thoughts

The reason for mental disorder is as follows: 

  1. Every moment we live is an event 
  2. Every event creates emotions 
  3. We are conditioned to suppress emotions for survival 
  4. If mind is strong, it is able to keep emotions suppressed 
  5. If mind is not strong, then emotions when cannot be further kept under suppression or when mind is not occupied with issues of survival, begin to overpower mind and interfere with its ability to remain in focus 
  6. When such a scenario begins to grow in periodicity, intensity and time interval, we are classified as suffering with mental disorder. 

Next blogs? 

  1. How mental disorders are formed 
  2. How to detect in a child if he is prone to developing mental disorder 
  3. Cause of mental disorder 

Mental Disorder is a disease at the level of the mind. It occurs when the mind is losing control while trying to manage distress. Mental disorder is a state where your behavior is not in your control. You are aware that life is big and full of choices. You know that you are loved but your emotional body in distress is so deep into hopelessness that you do not see light, and you drown into the darkness. More often than not, the root cause of mental disorder is in your upbringing – when events of life in our childhood and adolescence make us feel we are not loved enough. This erodes our faith in life. This is the quickest way to feel hopeless. In formative years, if kids are brought up with love and acceptance, they are very unlikely to ever get into mental disorders in their adult life regardless of how impactful the events of adult life cause a state of hopelessness in them. Here are some of the early signs of mental disorders in healthy young people. 

  • Death in the family on which the child had not cried. Often grandparents are the ones with whom they are deeply attached. 
  • Temperature of their forehead remains higher than the temperature at the lower abdomen and at the feet. 
  • Breathing is shallow and may be jerky. 
  • Sleep is light or disrupted or full of high speed dreams, one after the other, leading to feeling exhausted upon waking up. 
  • Seeing colors in the dream. 
  • High temperature in the belly area, forehead and feet being cold. Child is holding lot of anger. 

Every one of us suffer with mental disorder however, not all of us are clinically in disorder state. Mental disorder occurs when events of life feel bigger than faith in life. 



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