Your disease bring forth the same emotions which you have suppressed for long. Every disease is expression of contamination of spirit. The seeds of cure lies in purifying the spirit. 

It is easy to understand how diseases are formed if you have understood how distress and disorders are formed by now. 

Let us understand science of disease through a simple example 

  1. A child is hurt in his legs and he is crying his lungs out sitting on the floor 
  2. You cannot handle his pain 
  3. You tell him not to cry and be brave 
  4. You probably give him belief that boys do not cry 
  5. You probably also give him shame what if his friends see him crying 
  6. The child hears you and stops crying 
  7. Pain is inside 

The child learns to control his pain. He is now suffering. Trying to be bold and yet develop the ability to suppress the pain. Such a swell behaved child is so well respected by families and friends. He is suffering inside. 

Gradually he learns to suppress pain. It all gets stored in his subconscious. Each time he encounters an unfavorable situation such as in relationships at work or home, he is now trained to suppress without being aware of pain.  

So subconscious become very big with repressed emotions. Conscious mind becomes very strong for survival. If mind is not strong, then these emotions will overpower his mind and this is where he has mental health issues.  

But strong mind means he is not even aware of habit of suppressing emotions. One day when mind cannot keep them suppressed any more, these emotions puncture the functioning of the body to get attention of mind to address them. That is disease. 

Emotions are language of spirit. Our spirit feels suffocated and squeezed when we do not express our emotions. If your life style is such that you have strong mind and blind about ambitions to achieve big things, you are at higher risk of attracting disease. This is the reasons why cases of distress, disorder and disease are higher in corporate and high stress jobs than other streams of career. 

Every disease bring attention to the emotions you have suppressed for long. It comes in rather more contaminated form. Cure from disease lies in identifying the emotions and then following the science using techniques and process written in the book meditation the cure and developed as online courseware. 


All of this can be deleted. It is from the book. 


Every experience is meant for either bliss or pain. This is nature. We make all our choices which shall lead us towards bliss. We may have different belief about what will give us bliss. When we have non acceptance of the outcome of our expectation, it blocks our movement towards bliss and by nature, moves towards giving us pain. When we block that natural movement towards pain, that requires willpower(ego). We contain that pain by forming a belief to survive. This constraint expression of the spirit. If mind can keep the pain repressed, we do not become aware of this pain, though all our life we keep encountering such scenarios which wants to bring pain to our awareness. When mind cannot take it anymore and spirit is under huge stress and seeks expression, it forces us to become aware of it by interfering with the engineering of the body. It is a state of revolt by spirit.  

Of course, it often starts with something small and gradually grows up. All of us have experienced some busy schedules for a few days, and we postpone our emotions such as playing with our kids or just relaxing, or listening to music. We encounter stiffness in the body, fatigue and at times a running nose, cough etc. After the project is over, we get back to the normal routine, go for movie, may be grooming or massage or meditation, and we feel enriched and revitalized. The body gets back into shape. Simply put, repressed emotions surfacing as diseases is over simplification of the concept. The true and larger picture occurs when we do not acknowledge and experience the pain for the loss felt in the emotional body. 

My observations since the last seven years: 

I started working with patients suffering from mental disorders and then distress. For a very long time, I kept thinking disorders are easy to deal with. Distress is very easy in any case and you will experience it when you follow the treatment schedule. I used to be very skeptical in dealing with diseases till the day when I realized that the people who approached me with any disorder or distress eventually healed their migraines, thyroid, blood pressure etc. I was only working on their distress/disorder for which they came. Gradually, I understood the science behind it and started teaching it in my workshops. By now I  was very comfortable with working on any chronic disease, and I finally got to help people suffering from  cancer. Later I began to feel that disorders are tough to deal with because after a while I encountered a few cases of relapse. But this is half the truth. Here are the guidelines to decide how effective the cure will be and what is tough to heal. 

You have a problem, but what is the problem you have with the problem? Check that. If you only like to talk about it and gain sympathy, then you just need a few friends, enough beer and maybe some extra sex but not the cure. In such cases, this book will actually help you accept the problem and heal as much as you like it to be. Few people after the workshop do not pursue or practice only on a need basis. They attend workshop or a week-long program and during that they are transformed to the extent that they can get back to life. They treat The Cure like a massage parlor and that is perfectly fine as this is a choice and not a compulsion.  

What is the incentive for you to get out of suffering? This is a huge reason which determines level of sincerity in a mental disorder case. The mental disorders are almost always an inability to face reality by force or by choice. Disorder is often an escape route not to take up responsibility. Curing their disorder leads them to take responsibility. Therefore, they would only get cured as much as a symptom of disorder does not bother them anymore such as lack of sleep. Any schizophrenic patient, suffering with hallucination and/or delusion can stop having these symptoms within a week with the two processes defined in the treatment section. You will find it hard to get them back to taking up responsibility of their life, if there is no incentive for them to earn their living. This is why western countries would reverse their disorder faster than Asians because they have a task to take up responsibility of their life. A sole bread earner for his family with a strong incentive to keep his job if suffering from Schizophrenia can be cured within a week. With the book, he can get cured in almost the same time with little support from the caregiver without any intervention. 

Disorder and distress in young kids: Please do not use these techniques with them to start with. First the mother (and in some cases the father as well) needs to heal herself. The large part of the child’s suffering is either coming from the pregnancy period or from his/her early childhood. Of course, after working on yourself, start the treatment of the child with cotton in the right nostril as detailed out in the treatment section. We have seen very good results in children when they have been told to observe the breath. It is a fun thing for kids. 


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