Before a symptom appears in your body, it is a work in progress at energy body, emotional body or mental body.

It is easy to reverse when it is not manifested in the body.

It follows Einstein’s principal E= MC. Light is hope and dark is hopelessness. Each moment we live is an event. We have choices. We either choose in hope or in hopelessness. We continue to accumulate hopelessness.

When ego cannot contain it in the subconscious, it punctures the functioning of the body and manifests as a disease. Before it shows up as disease, it reflects in your mental health. Before it affects your mental health, it shows up as your distress. Before it becomes a distress, it shows up as your patterns of failures

Take the benefit of extensive research. Test your health and well-being through simple but precise tests. Conducted over thousands of people and perfected over 12 years. We will keep adding more tests. At present, you can do two very comprehensive tests. The tests themselves will bring a shift in your level.

Awareness brings transformation


Internally at NV LIFE we continue to call it diagnostics form. Every student who enrolls in our programs, fills this up through which we diagnose the root cause. It is fascinating that each student who has filled this form has reported massive shift in the consciousness as they become aware of their patterns. Please make sure you allocate enough time and space to fill this up. It will throw open hidden layers of your life.

How to take this test:

  • Become a member by signing up.
  • It is free.
  • Post Sign In, access to this form will be available to you.
  • Fill yours and invite friends and family to do their diagnosis.


We all have mental disorder. When mind thinks on its own rather than we deciding what to think- it is the state of disorder. Our disorder may not be clinically diagnosed because we are able to manage it and survive. But it is silently eroding quality of life, health, relationship and career.

Why contain disorder when you can reverse it now.

Take a 3-minute test to learn how many mind types are operating and conflicting inside you.

Get a comprehensive and detailed report on your mental health, the science of mental health and how it impacts all aspects of your life.

How to take the test:

  • Click here and reply to a few simple questions.
  • It is about a 3-minutes test.
  • You will receive detailed report in your email.