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Dawn of the Sixth Sense- The Insight

We are tempted to proclaim contemporary times as the most advanced stage of evolution, this far. But, as paradoxical as it sounds, the fact is that we look at previous eras in reverence and glory.

There is something about the past, which fascinates us. It has occurred, it is known and it is certain.
Living in the past gives that same cosiness as living in the womb of a mother. It is the very reason, no matter how ugly, that we romance the past and it haunts us like a separated lover.

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When religion failed people, faith eroded. Humanity turned outward to explore itself and the industrial revolution led by discovery and inventions came into being. The premise of the revolution was “hopeless within”. To explore outwards, humanity muted inner voice and all its endeavours to search for happiness and potential were taken as an alternative to the death of inner voice i.e. faith. It was not the journey to nurture hope within by exploring more outward to integrate both. The more we explored outwards in the last 3 to 4 centuries, the void within only got louder.

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It is not possible to tame the voice within without suppressing emotions. Hopelessness continued creating a larger void and we kept suppressing its voice by filling ourselves with more external obsessions.

But we needed to feel ourselves. It is nature. Our voices could not be tamed. We wanted to hear our voice. We found a way by creating the means of hearing from others. So, we invented the telephone and then the radio. We could hear each other better and that helped us not to hear within. But soon, our inherent hopelessness surfaced. We felt the lack, again. We could hear each other but we could not see each other. So, we pushed further and now we could see through the television. The world was rejoicing with its success. Everyone was happy to know that everyone else was differently hopeless. We felt one with each other. The two senses: sound and vision, had become external and our dependency on others grew in search of our freedom.

As we celebrated our achievement, we dispelled our fears of the unknown. The globe shrank and we begin to live and interact with strangers.

The future has always been very scary. It is its nature. The unknown scares us except for the visionary, and to be visionary one needs to be encompassing the past in the present. Living with strangers and exploring the planet gave an illusion that we are secure. Future is known. As humanity, we felt invincible but the inner void was only growing louder. We need to feel each other to be able to embrace ourselves. Just the sound and vision were not enough.

Hate, anger, and mistrust could not be the protocol for interaction; these created wars. We invented love and trusting others became the new need. It was not sustainable. Loving others failed in the face of diminishing sources of love within. There was nothing to give but the need to receive grew higher and higher to feel ourselves. The void within was unsustainable now. It was no more at an emotional level but also manifested at the mental and the physical level.

Our senses are interconnected. If we mute one, the others get louder to compliment. This is how they help each other in making us feel whole. Distortion brought by sound and vision affected our two other senses: smell and taste. To feel is to smell. Perfumes, which were once used to suppress odor due to infrequent baths in cold countries and in other parts of the world to enhance one’s own unique smell to attract the lover in an intimate and close circle, became a fashion to attract the attention of others towards us. This did not reduce the void though. We then turned to fill the vacuum through food. Knowing well that food is a source of contentment, we felt this is the alternative to feel complete. We experimented with taste in the search for contentment. We ate more and ate a variety.

We forgot our natural smell and intrinsic taste. We forgot that these are the feeders to feel intimate with ourselves. Our yearning for a specific taste is the clue of a specific lack and once we eat that, we feel contented. Every smell from nature has a specific frequency and the ability to make us feel contented and loved. But, it was too late. Not hearing within had a ripple effect and all our senses were distorted.

We could still survive with distortion in four senses because the fifth sense was still doing some work, i.e. touch. Touch is the direct source of energy transfer and since it is done for love, it worked in bringing some satisfaction.

In the absence of feeling love, as it was failing us, the inner void was in a panic mode by now and touch suffered the fate. In desperation, we experimented with sex.

With all the five senses now in complete distortion, it was already much against nature. Nature intervened. The First soft warning came through HIV to limit touch. We ignored. It further got distorted and we faced #MeToo. We tamed it.

Covid-19 is forcing us now. Touch when prohibited, awakens all other four senses to restore. But it is not just about the five senses being integrated. It is about all the six senses being but one. The sixth sense or intuition, inner voice, inner calling, gut feel is the engine that fuels our five senses. It is a regulator of the five senses. The five senses are the legs and arms of the inner voice for the manifestation of the purpose of living.

Working on five senses is not the right way to bring in balance and harmony within but making the inner voice louder and a guiding force for all five senses is the path. This is what a mystic has been doing. Absent from seeing or hearing or touching others, he turns deep inside, to listen to his inner voice which guides all his five senses for the manifestation of insight to lead a life full of peace, solitude, and contentment.

We have no choice now. Through this pandemic, we are forced to hear the inner voice. This is restoring our other five senses; gradually but consistently. The taste is limited to home food, hearing and listening are within and with the loved one and touch is where the love is. We are beginning to smell ourselves. Hope is rising within and fear of the unknown is turning into curiosity for tomorrow. This is navigating us towards acknowledging our faith.

Some of us will align with it. Others who are waiting to get back to normal life will turn obsolete. History has shown us that those who do not align with contemporary times turn obsolete. The nature of nature is that it is not stationary. It moves through day and night giving rise to a new frequency and purging the old one.

The choice is ours. We are forced to choose. We are forced to listen to our inner voice. It is the dawn of insight.

Naveen Varshneya

Author of the book “Meditation The Cure”



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