Meditation The Cure (Second Edition) – 5 person

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While normal people struggle to meditate for hours to relieve stress, this book is the result of seven years of guiding thousands of people with chronic conditions to arrive at the State of Meditation and reverse their suffering.

With this vision to take the cure to every household, he studied why the same choices, events, and environment lead some people to attract distressdisorderdisease, misery, and misfortune while others do not.

It led him to research through the history of humanity to demystify the wisdom of ancient Indian scriptures and integrate it with psychiatry, quantum physics, anthropology, and various fields of ancient and contemporary medicine. He discovered the algorithm coded in the subconscious. Through the algorithm, everyone can become aware of their unconscious choices. Discover the root cause. Break the pattern and experience the cure.

As you read through the pages, your life journey and choices will open up on their own. As you practice the techniques and processes, you will effortlessly arrive at The State of Meditation – The State of Cure.

A Life-changing Experience

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