Cure: A perspective

Cure: A perspective

Founder’s Insights • 18 April 2022, 9:00 AM

The bad news is that, according to conventional medicine, there is no such thing as a cure for chronic disease. Modern medicine does not believe that anything like cure exists. Rightly so, because it cannot achieve it. The good news is that today cure is in the hands of individuals.

It is definitely possible to achieve cure – in wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and prevention.

Any health care technique can only help you reverse disease or disorder and after that, it can only help you sustain that state if you continue to stick to the lifestyle and changes in your awareness. Disease and disorder exist on certain planes of quantum energy. When we become aware of what is ailing our body, mind, and spirit, we become able to move to higher planes, where higher frequencies of joy and happiness are experienced, and disease or disorder are eliminated. At NV Life research academy, we provide the ‘energy’ required to move from lower planes to higher planes so that you can move towards feeling cured. But discontinuing the practice of the techniques may return you to the disease level.

At this time, human consciousness is reaching a ‘critical mass’ bringing the realization that nothing happens by chance, and that we are all responsible for our choices and our situations. Work-Life balance, cultivating a sense of contentment, food habits, exercise, meditation, and yoga are all tools to maintain wellbeing. Our program helps you understand how you can remain healthy, and the kind of emotional life that may cause risks to future health. It can reduce your dependence on doctors and other family members, and the need for support.