Covid Consolidation: How Whispers became Noise


It was a midnight whisper to me- A loud earth-shattering sound which was silently delivered to me. Since then, we have been delivering the same whisper silently to you to let you demystify with your breath. Yes, sometimes, we need to make an earth-shattering sound. We are aware some of you would not be able to absorb it. And rightly so, some of you have not been.  


Flowers look beautiful on the tree but for some flowers, that is not their destiny. They must be plucked to become seeds somewhere else or perish if rotten. Trees have to be saved for future generations. Guru Nanak also said something to this effect. 


This is how we evolved in 12 years keeping authenticity intact. If we had to cut our arm and bleed in order to liberate you, we did that. We will not shy away from it. We have never. Samekan is all about that. The challenge we face is that when such an act is done by a guru to a seeker, he embraces it with faith as a blessing of the guru but when we do the same to a person suffering with disease, being devoid of wisdom, it is perceived as brutal, abandonment and selfish. We are committed to being effective, therefore, we are repulsive to pleasant, nice conversation beyond a point. The objective is liberation and, in this process, we cannot tie you down and worse still, when we feel you have tied us down. 

But I want to talk to you today about Covid consolidation. I want to talk to you about how ashamed I feel of ourselves and how much it pains me to see distortions in NVLife. I also want to tell you how this pain that I feel is not good news for each one of you. 

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He was in a mental hospital and it was his 5 family members who visited my house. I had to find a way to help a patient come out of a mental hospital and the only way out was to cure him. I did that. That was the first case of schizophrenia 12 years back. Since then, till the book was written, it was not an exception that I will often disguise to take up such heroic tasks. With the book, each one of you did such a heroic task yourself. My heroism became a rare event with the birth of Curedemy and eventually a privilege which is no longer available and not required too. 

This is how it has worked so far. You gained value and you wanted your friends and family to experience the same. You reached out to us and we educated you on how to gently make them experience it through blogs, book, OTB, cotton and working on yourself which would help them come forward. This is how with compassion, a whisper was passed on by all of us and we helped each other.  A small but effective and loving one. More often than not, a nudge is required especially for distress and more so for disorder cases. People with disease are clear that they need help. 

But disorder and distress cases are no longer confined to mental hospitals. It is a silent epidemic residing in each one. The more comfort, more luxury and more wealth you have, the more silent and deep your disorder becomes, till it explodes all over your face and ruins your future. You know it as achievements and your entitlements and then you want the whole world to just keep serving you. How do we nudge you? We together with you have watched silently in pain feeling helpless for our loved ones when the cure was so close to them.  

The outbreak of Covid did the trick. Everyone felt vulnerable. Fear gripped them. Money became a piece of paper. The ego was shattered. That had a huge impact on us at Curedemy. For you, it was a pandemic and for us it was war. We broke all the rules to reach out and help. The team worked round the clock for 2 years building courseware, educating people and doing several one on one conference calls.   

Covid is over till it comes back again. In the old days, when the postman brought in a letter, before opening the letter, you wanted to kick the postman out. When someone cleans your toilet, you want to kick the cleaner out. It is never a good idea. The same people who were pleading with us for a family member to be taken into our fold to save his life, now tell us we are intruding with the messages. We made this mistake. We did a lot more than we should have yet we are not sure if this was needed. Before you kick us out of your toilet, we are going out. You have consolidated the pandemic and restored your ego, we forgot to consolidate the war. Here is our consolidation- 

  1. We have opened up a weekly, hour-long communication line for you to reach out to us for whatever you need to discuss. 
  2. Nobody from our team will call you ever. You will also not have the luxury of reaching out to our personal numbers. Please respect our privacy and do not force us to block you.  
  3. We will be happy to educate you for your friends and family during designated hours when our zoom link is open. 
  4. Our team will be available on designated days and hours where you can discuss registration for courses or the case of a family member for deeper insights. 
  5. Social media is a gift to humanity. Each one of us found our college mates through FB. Community groups are a great tool. We started a WhatsApp group so that all insights and wisdom can be instantly shared with the team and community. It is a great way together to rise towards wisdom and hold each other in compassion. But often it is used as holding each other in fear and venting out the poison. Your WhatsApp group will be dismantled, although you will continue to receive alerts and notifications. It was meant to be a whisper of wisdom, but it has become a knife in the hands of a monkey. You are bleeding more.   

The Pandemic is over for you. War is over for us. We also need to find out if we were fighting a battle in an empty room or were we really required. Compassion, authenticity and transparency remain the same for you but with evolving times, packaging and price may change. Whisper will be silent but intense and effective for those who do enough OTB on their hearing sense. 

That is how nature works. Gently whispering with the wind. It is only in anger it becomes a storm and thunder to wipe out the Vikruti. 

Soon, I will talk to you on how the cure we gave you became your disease and how you have cured yourself more than ever before, since the subscription model has changed. Stay tuned to your own whisper. Take it in your breath. Ye tumse kuch keh raha hai. 




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