The courseware for the certification program is as outlined below: 

  • Immersive reading & guided understanding of the book, Meditation-The Cure 
  • Video-based lectures, through the course of the program across pertinent topics of learning, including the processes, the techniques and themes which shall deepen the understanding, while expanding the consciousness of the participant and facilitating his / her personal transformation 
  • Evaluation tests, which are geared to assess, not eliminate. These tests shall be administered online and will be based on the open-book approach.  The objective of the test is to facilitate deeper understanding and learning.  
  • 2 Retreats, Manthan & Svaha have been woven into the program structure. These 7D/8N retreats intersperse the courseware at the intermediary and the final stage. Through the respective retreats, participants will be taught the models of diagnosis and algorithm, the practical application of the same while working with patients and various exercises of simulation and case studies.  A team of faculty members, from the Senior Coaches’ batch, shall assist the founder in the sessions of the lecture as well as application. Attendance and participation at the retreat are imperative for all participants. Manthan is envisaged to be held at a domestic location while will be held at a foreign one.  
  • Finally, the participants will be required to make a final presentation, at the culmination of the certification program.