1. So deep inside me, behind my physical is another me, that too is me, where my dark my ignorance resides … So unwelcomed so deprived I felt inside, I know my creator wants me connected and thus infused suffering so deeply embedded.
    So deep inside me, beyond the mental me is another me, that too is me, where my light , my enlightenment resides… So welcomed, so fulfilled I felt inside.
    I know my creator wants to set me free thus bliss she deeply threaded
    I m free today from the cycle of fear
    For I’m there n I’m here

  2. Hi,
    I have completed this Science of Oxygenation and doing OTB and trying OTT. I have also attended 2 Guru Kul sessions and try to understand the concept, and started following it too.

    But I have a question (rather few) – What will be end result? Is this (OTB/OTT/YN etc) has to be done forever (lifetime)? Will I be leave all Emotion behind after a time? Or I will stop reacting on situation? All my physical illness will be cured?

    I understand, these questions may sound little silly but it will be helpful if I get some answer of it.