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Headache/ Migraine is a symptom. It is clear and easy to say, if you have a headache the energy is stuck in your head. Energy being stuck in head means there is overactivity there – simply speaking, you are stuck in a loop of thoughts. Follow the steps below to decode your headache: 

  • Trace back to identify when the headache began – morning, yesterday evening, etc. 
  • What was the moment of significance before the headache, as you understand every moment is an event. It can be as simple as an argument with someone or non-acceptance of what you heard or got to know. This would be your trigger. 
  • What is the recurring pattern underneath this trigger? 
  • What is the subsequent tendency under the pattern? 
  • What is the lack, which you refuse to acknowledge? 

Non-acceptance of your lack is the root cause of your headache. As you follow the above steps you will arrive at your Algorithm. Once you have been able to map out your Algorithm – lie down and begin to observe your breath. Staying with your breath would lead to insights or Yog Nidra – the state of cure. 

Yes, you are technically right – headache is a pain. However, when pain shows up on a physical level that means it has punctured your energy body, emotional body, and mental body, and has landed on your physical body. Anything that lands on your physical body means two things – 

  • Well-being has now gone for a toss 
  • It begins to interfere with your day-to-day life 

Therefore, you need to look at it as a suffering. However, if you apply Science of Cure (Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts) on your headache, it will begin to take you to the root cause. This is of-course further to the Algorithm that you will create. To arrive at the root cause of your suffering, refer to Q 1. Why do I get a headache? 

You can start with identifying your symptoms today and make your Algorithm identifying your Lack, Tendency and Pattern. It may seem like the tendencies are loud and clear today. This is only because as an adult, you are either more aware of it, or the tendency is more pronounced. However, if you go back to that age group of 7-14, you will find that the same tendency existed back then as well.  

For example – your lack is abandonment and so your tendency is need to prove/ excel. As an adult, you try extremely hard to prove yourself at work, but maybe as a ten-year-old you wanted to make sure that you win a colouring competition or feel worthy by collecting the maximum number of berries or fruits. 

 So, you would notice how the nature of tendency existed even back then – sometimes subtly, sometimes pronounced. It is just a matter of developing sensitivity to recognize it in that time and space. However, you can always work with current scenarios. 

 Every moment is an event, and every event has an emotion. Therefore a lack can be formed in a matter of seconds, which is so miniscule that due to other overwhelming moments of bliss that you may have, it has gone unrecognised and unacknowledged so far.  

Lack is the seed of the suffering, so if a suffering exists within you that means that the lack has already been formed. Now it is only a matter of identifying the lack, which means, right in the first attempt you don’t have to reach your 0-7.  

Use the below technique to identify the lack from your present scenario:  

If you are denied of something that you wish to have, let’s say love, what would you feel  

  • I don’t matter 
  • My existence is denied 
  • I am discarded 

If you choose option 1, it means your lack is neglect 

If you choose option 2 , it means your lack is rejection 

If you chose option 3, it means your lack is abandonment 

Crying is only an outburst; it does not necessarily indicate towards a particular emotion. However, try to identify the emotion which lead to the outburst. It can be any one of the emotions mentioned in your Daily Tracker. Once you have identified the emotion, you need to identify a few events of the past where you have experienced the exact same emotion in the same manner. 

Also, it is common to see colours in Yog Nidra. For more understanding, read chapter NV Swimming; section How do you know you are in Yog Nidra? 

Being sensitive to your ecosystem means to be curious about the triggers which will come from them. We must understand that our ecosystem will be the one to trigger us the most. The higher the proximity in a relationship, the more the chances of a trigger coming in.  

If you apply the lens of Algorithm in these triggers, it only becomes an opportunity to turn inwards and work on your lack. A by-product of this phenomenon is relationship getting better. This is the simplest formula to being sensitive to your ecosystem. 

In every moment of disappointment – current or past, you can experience the lack. There are two ways to attend to the lack, once identified – 

  1.  You may simply keep your Algorithm/Lack in awareness by writing the events of the current time and go into breathing 
  2. You can revisit your childhood and write about moments that you experienced the Lack/Algorithm and once you have written a few events (in detail), you may lay down and begin to observe your breath. 

In either of the processes, your Algorithm/lack is in your complete awareness and observing your breath after this would only bring an expansion in your awareness. 

 Since you are seeking the cure, you must know that state of meditation is the state of cure. The more you are in this state, the more you move towards light, thus curing your suffering.  

All the things which come into your awareness, must now be attended to by Observing your breath. For process of attending to what has surfaced, refer to Ques no 8 

The Algorithm that you learn here, is actually the algorithm of your suffering. So loosely speaking these are the ingredients of your suffering, and at the same time how your suffering got formed. Once you understand how your suffering was formed, you will be able to reverse the suffering. Having said that it is a much deeper subject, and you should thoroughly watch the lecture again to understand the intricacies of it. 

There are 3 lacks, 9 tendencies and 11 patterns. Any permutation and combination of it, can develop into an algorithm which is unique in its own manner for different people. However, it is possible for a few combinations to be similar. 

In simple words tendencies are nothing but ego. Ego is nothing but a defense mechanism. In your moment of experiencing lack, you are vulnerable or wounded. However, since we do not have the capability of being in that moment long enough, we quickly need to defend ourselves from that emotion/ feeling, and that is how tendencies are formed. 

It is important to understand that these are the events of the past which have been shrivelled and suppressed by you. It is good news, that it is now in your awareness. But for it to completely open up and create its space in your awareness, you must follow the process of defrosting.   

To understand defrosting in detail, refer to book Meditation-The Cure, chapter NV Hunting, subheading – Preparation for the Process, Defrosting. 

It is possible to have multiple tendencies & patterns. So, continue to map your Algorithm and become aware of multiple tendencies and patterns which will emerge, as this will help you expand your consciousness, and help you understand the various ways you cope with the lack. 

Our lack is formed, because in a moment we formed a belief, which makes us feel either neglected, rejected or abandoned. Since we can’t stay with our lack – as it makes us unstable – we go into our tendencies to survive and not experience the lack. This suppression, due to the fear of survival, leads to the formation of Distress, Disorder or Disease.  

So, as we identify our LTP, we become more aware of ourselves and dissolve the belief formed therein, hence the movement begins from inauthenticity to authenticity; from distress, disorder or disease to health & well- being: the Cure. 

In the moment when your mother wanted you to excel ,did you ever feel like she didn’t accept you the way you were? Or did you feel that to get her love it is important for you to excel or prove yourself? And even as an adult you feel that at some level it is important for you to level up, before she loves you.  

If the answer to the above questions is yes, some or all, then you have already found your belief- “In order to be loved I must be good enough”. If you feel like you are unworthy of love otherwise- then you must investigate your lack using the three statements of lack 

  1. Neglected : I don’t matter 
  2. Rejection : My existence is denied 
  3. Abandonment : I am discarded 

The seat of your lack is in the subconscious, and what you desire is in your conscious mind. When you have a lack, the heart and mind seem like two opposing forces.  

For e.g. you want to follow your heart’s desire and want to be a musician, but for that you need to embrace your loneliness and move towards solitude. However, since you carry within yourself a lack, let’s say abandonment, your mind immediately jumps to a tendency, for example proving self. So you decide to take up a corporate job and quickly move up the ladder. Now as you continue moving up the ladder, the urge to be a musician grows more and more, and eventually your conscious and subconscious mind does not go hand in hand. This is a state of suffering. 

The opposite of this is union/Yog, which means merging of the conscious and the subconscious, where your heart and mind become one. The state of meditation is therefore known as the state of cure, so more you move towards the state of meditation the more you will move towards the state of cure.  

Therefore, becoming aware of your Algorithm/Lack, and staying with it with your breath, will lead to dissolution of this lack and expansion of your consciousness. This will eventually help you arrive at the state of cure. Remember the process is important

If you understand the nature of autoimmune disorder, it is your body’s immunity turning against yourself and attacking you. This means that at a physical level you wanted to indulge in self harm (consciously or subconsciously), however, that was not an option for you. So, the disgust that you held towards yourself leading to the intent of destroying your body has now manifested in the form of a disease.  

In order to connect the event of suffocation you must check that in the moment of suffocation what was the anger that you had towards yourself. Once you detect the anger, you can tie it with the above explanation and use the techniques. 

Yes, the seeds get sown in 0-7, however it is wrong to assume that suffering manifests only later in life. Suffering can manifest anytime. However, for a suffering to manifest there has to be a trigger. This trigger is nothing but a peak in hopelessness. 

 When in any event, where your hopelessness surges enough to crash your ego, the dormant lack which is the seed of suffering, suddenly gets activated and shows up on one of the layers of human body – physical, mental or emotional. 

Every moment that we live is an event, and each moment generates emotions within us. It is our unwillingness to address and work through these emotions that results in the suppression or regulation of the same through the mind, which leads to the manifestation of suffering either in the form of a disease, disorder or distress. Disease is the suffering of the body just like disorder is the suffering of the mind. Having a disease means it has punctured you energy body, emotional body and mental body, and has now come to your physical body.  

Whenever we are faced with a disappointment, we tend to move into a lot of emotions. However, we never consolidate or move towards acceptance of loss. We only tend to be around whether justifying the loss or grieving the loss, but never acceptance. Pain is the state of transformation. All insights are revealed to you, in the moment of deep pain. Thus, for insights to come and emotions to convert to wisdom it is necessary to be in the state of pain. 

In conclusion, pain is the remedy to suffering and disease

Just being in the awareness of tendency isn’t enough because despite being aware of the tendency you are not going to the root cause, which is lack. Our lack is given to us by the universe for a particular purpose such as – an artist may be abandoned early on in life. If he doesn’t learn the lesson of solitude which the abandonment must bring, he will continue to attract events, which will continue to push him towards solitude, until he learns the lesson of solitude. So, find the purpose of your lack/ every event that occurs with you.