Meditation That Cures

Welcome here, to the NV Life Community Education and Support platform.

This space has been created to introduce you to Meditation That Cures, through a series of lecture videos in the courseware below.

The recommended way to go about getting familiar and gradually learning to meditate with us would be:

Watch the videos here and as you are doing so, be observant of your breath.

What does it mean to observe the breath, you would ask. While you would learn in greater depth as you go through the courseware, here we would say in a line: In order to keep your complete attention with the courseware, observe your breath as you take it in and observe it as it flows out, without any attempt to regulate the same. (After you finish watching a video, please click on “Mark Complete” Tab below the video)

We shall be meeting every Saturday and Sunday, at 7 AM on Zoom, for a community meditation session. Details for joining the session will be shared here on the forum as well as on your email (the same id as used to sign up here)

Share your experience with us and seek guidance on the forum here. Our team of coaches and founder will  interact with you here and guide suitably.

We would encourage our book readers here to begin/ continue reading the book. You may follow your intuition, with respect to the chapter you want to read on any particular day.

And if you are not a book reader already, then we recommend that you get the book in its paperback/ kindle version, whenever you are ready to. As you may have read already, several thousands of individuals have cured themselves, by simply reading the book and following the techniques.

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