Chetna Program

A basic level program which is the starting point for everyone.

Program fees Rs. 7711/-

We define any kind of human suffering in 3 categories:- Distress, Disorder and Disease. This is our entry level courseware for all kind of suffering based on the book meditation the cure.


1. Age 18 and above

2. Our science and treatment to work on children( below 18) is not directly on them but through parents. We have discovered that it is parents’s tendencies which are passed on the child. If you are here for for your child, we will have to first work on you. Please enrol as parents. enrolment of mother is necessary for the treatment on child.

3. Chronic and terminal cases are given extra support by our team of coaches to aid them. Such cases must be accompanied with care giver who can adminsiter the courseware as treatment for their recovery.

4. Severe cases of mental disorder shall be enrolled with their family member as a caregiver. In case of acute mental disorder such as high level of schizophrenia and bipolar, enrollment of patient may not be required while the family members should enrol to help the patient with as a starting point of treatment for their patients.

Did the above questions make you curious about yourself?

We will handhold you on a 21-day journey where all your questions would be attended by a team of coaches on a live webinar. The wisdom of group learning will enhance your journey even further.


  • Recorded Video Lectures
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Live Interactive Webinars
  • Extensive support through classroom Q & A webinar

What will you learn

Objective of this program is to get you started on your inner journey. Your ability to diagnose the root cause of your suffering and its pattern with our new found algorithm.

Everyone gains comfort with the techniques and during the program itself the signs of recovery from suffering is visible. As you practice your learnings, you begin to restore your health and well-being. Severe cases require Module 1 and Module 2 enrollment for deeper level diagnosis and hand holding.


Although a base level courseware, check out the width and depth of the lectures and topics which are covered in details to ensure effectiveness in transformation.

God does not play dice- Albert Einstein


The code of secrets of our life is written in our life events. Our birth is not an accident and we are not born to suffer.  Discovered after writing the book, through the run of two certification programs over twenty-four months, this algorithm gets you to the root cause of your suffering in a matter of minutes.


We form a belief in age 0-7 to hide a ‘Lack’ created by some event. To manage the belief, we form tendencies in 7-14 years of age. With the advent of sexual energy, those latent tendencies become our pattern from 14 to 21. Post the age of 21 years, we only keep repeating the patterns of suffering.


For instance, take this pattern-

You cannot experience love and sustain relationships and land up feeling rejected and unworthy. It has a ‘lack’ in 0-7 age when sibling was born, making you feel unloved and rejected. You form a tendency being a ‘need to be nice’ or ‘need to be needed’ to gain love and acceptance and with the advent of sexual energy in 14 to 21, you form a pattern of giving all of you to gain relationship. Your belief around unworthiness does not let you feel loved enough and this becomes your pattern to continue to feel unloved and rejected in every relationship. Likewise, for any disorder and disease, there is an algorithm working inside each one of us

What is distress? All of us experience it, in one way or other. There is distress among all healthy people right from young age stored as hopelessness leading into diminishing sense of contentment growing the void within.  What is the relationship between distress and disorder and disease?  And how does one form of suffering transforms into another one. Learn the flow chart and the science of how to prevent and reverse suffering before it sets in.

It starts with observing the breath to arrive at the state of meditation. However, this is where it becomes very complex because lot of emotions, belief and events of the past, including trauma; opens. When suppressed, these were the same emotions, causing you suffering. What is that science of cure, which if practiced, will allow you to arrive at the state of meditation?

The state of meditation is the state of cure. To be able to arrive at the state of meditation for a few minutes for few weeks is enough to reverse any chronic suffering.

What is the mechanism and the right process to arrive at the state of meditation? How do you know if you have arrived at meditation? What are the challenges the mind creates to resist the cure? How can one guide people with acute and chronic suffering to arrive at the state of meditation, when fairly healthy people find it hard to observe breath for a few seconds?

If you can arrive at the state of meditation, then any form of suffering will reverse on its own.

Every moment we live is an experience and each experience generates an emotion. Every disappointment in our experience creates negative emotions.


Inadequacy, unloved, jealousy, anger, guilt, shame, and fear, to name a few emotions, are all inter-related.  One negative emotion leads us to make a belief, which forms a behavior to experience another negative emotion, and this sets into action- a whirlpool of such negativity.

For example– the guilt of stealing money may lead to fear/shame and that may lead to being controlling and manipulative in the relationship, killing the warmth and love. Learn the science of emotions and how they are instrumental in the formation of your patterns. Simple flow-charting shows the influence of ego, power, and hope on your experiences and becomes the base for creating your own algorithm.

We choose our parents and the environment. We chose them with full wisdom to aid our journey in this birth. What went wrong that we are not able to experience the same wisdom and receive their blessings? Why parents’ hidden pain is the blessings to be carried forward. Discover hidden patterns of suffering of your parents which you unknowingly continue to repeat and then pass it on to your children.

These are the three, ‘most powerful’, ‘mystical phenomena’ which govern humanity. All the secrets of success, abundance, peace, love and enlightenment are hidden in them. Be it a cancer patient or a corporate executive looking for success or someone looking for love and relationship or someone suffering with mental health; reversal of suffering is equivalent to the restoration of the three pillars.

In a simple, step-by-step process, learn the science to discover the secrets of your life, which are driving your choices: unconsciously, leading to suffering.

We either indulge or suppress. We just do not know how to look at it in healthy manner. What is the right way? Some look down upon it and others balance it out by calling it sacred. Trapped in morality, ego and belief, this simple natural mystical life force energy which flows in us with every breath gets suffocated and impacts our health and wellbeing.  Even among those having a healthy sex life, the level of contentment and bliss is eroding. Where have we gone wrong? What mistakes are we making? What is the real purpose of sexual desire? How does it transmute into attributes to make us intimate with our self?

Learn the science of sexuality and decode how it is impacting your wellbeing, intimacy with self and reverse the damage done to your relationships.

This section also demystifies the concepts of Love, care and desire and the interplay of these three concepts. If you think about your relationship right now, you will see how one of the elements is missing. And how one element is affecting the rise and fall of another element. Relationships are therefore an effortless art when science is understood. 




Morning session: practice the techniques with the teachers

 Treatment processes: Learn simple processes which do two things-

  1. Prevent further deterioration of suffering
  2. Begin to restore the energy field by experiencing relief and being able to pursue the treatment to learn the cure.



A 3-step process of breathing that effortlessly takes you to the state of YogNidra (Meditation-the cure). 30 minutes of practice every day brings a deep state of peace and starts to cure any suffering without any need for diagnosis. 



The most powerful tool to cure any wound, abuse, and trauma of the past and free you up from the patterns of feeling victimized and powerless.  It integrates the past into the present and opens the path for future with hope and curiosity.  



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