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Explore Chetna to experience your breath and discover the cure within.

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For 12 years, thousands of people have experienced how conflicts, lack and patterns dissolve on their own within weeks of practicing Yog Nidra. Many have restored their health and wellbeing by dissolving lifestyle symptoms like Sleeplessness, Anger disorder, Depression, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Stress, work life balance and improved relationship apart from attracting opportunities which were hard to get.
Your ideal scenario is that you have the book- Meditation – The Cure with this program. However, no hurry. Once you experience the difference, you will be curious to discover more about yourself. The book will then become your companion in your inner journey.
If you still feel reluctant to discover yourself,

  1. Watch some videos in the Whispering Wisdom section or
  2. Read some blogs.
  3. And why not some testimonials to see how people have transformed their life effortlessly.

How does it all work?

Simple rule of finance- quantum physics.

The rule is- Either reduce your expenses or increase your revenue. This program works on growing your revenue and fixing the leak through which your energies are leaking. So, this program works on both sides to give you a compounding effect.


Practice for 6 weeks, 18 min every day before you go to bed

  • Week One: Get a hang of your breath
  • Week Two: Begin to experience the bliss
  • Week Three: Begin to experience changes in your energies
  • Week Four: Begin to consolidate your losses
  • Week Five: Begin to experience changes in your symptoms
  • Week Six: Begin to discover your true authentic self

Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts.

Curedemy, is an experience-based platform. With Chetna Starter Kit you can begin to discover the cure within. As you begin to explore your breath you will experience the cure. By witnessing each breath, you will experience that your thoughts diminish.
Too many thoughts have a negative impact on your mental health. Pay close attention to your thoughts right now- it is either obsessive, rapid or in excess. You can now begin to experience better mental health by using a simple formula.

The state of meditation is the state of Cure.

Our breath is the cure, just by observing it we begin to cure ourselves. For more than 12 years we have had our patients reporting back to us that just by using the technique of Observing the breath (OTB), for 18 minutes in a day, within a period of 3-6 weeks they have begun to reverse their suffering.


The courseware has 9 lectures of a total duration of 5 hours. Watch them at your own pace. Start your 18 minutes by watching OTB lecture.


Agenya is a guided meditation recorded by the Founder. It’s a 3-step process used to arrive at the state of meditation. It is now aided with music which is especially designed to penetrate your subconscious.
You can use this recording anytime, anywhere and for as many times as you want. There is no fixed limit to using the Agneya recording.

The start-up kit will consist of 4 main topics. These topics will-

  • Lay the foundation of cure
  • Help you learn how to balance your electromagnetic field by a simple method. If your EMF is imbalanced-it means male and female energy is in imbalance. Procrastination is a symptom of imbalanced male-female energy.

Example: Procrastination means higher female energy and lower male energy. Male energy is for execution and female energy is for creativity.
Hyperactive mind means excess of male energy and lower female energy.
This module will teach you to balance the two.

Cure needs a suitable environment- physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • You will learn the same with these 4 topics through which you will-
  • Learn to create a healing environment and the science behind it
  • Learn how to create time and find space despite the busiest schedule
    Learn the 3 pillars of implementation of cure. Learn to get them right

A 3-step process of breathing which effortlessly takes you to the state of Yog Nidra (Meditation-the cure). 18 minutes of practice every day helps you arrive at a deep state and starts to cure any suffering without any need for diagnosis. The state of meditation is the state of cure.

What can I do once I am done with Chetna?

As the practice module comes to an end, there are three ways you can go –

  1. Renew your subscription and continue to stay engaged with practice module
  2. Gift it to friends and family to have the same experience as you
  3. Buy the book and renew subscription for a deeper experience

Note: To go deeper, you can migrate to Manthan and then buy the 1/2/3 home tuition pack. (Prerequisite to purchase 1/2/3 pack is subscription to Manthan or Treatment Program.)

What are the features of this product?

We have reinvented our programs! Find out what’s new in this page.


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Over the last two weeks & ever since I started doing the practice, I find wonderful calmness. With OTB, I am slowly and steadily getting into the zone of zero/ negligible thoughts and breathing has become deep with a slow and steady rhythm.

Curedemy Student
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My decision-making without irritation has improved. Quite a few positive outcomes in professional life have happened.

Curedemy Student
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My relationship with my partner and my kids has improved.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB, OTT, The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student
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Realising my lack in 0-7 years and the tendency developed towards being nice to others in 7-14 and further consolidating that as belief and ego between 14-21 has sown seeds taking me to where I am today.

Curedemy Student
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The Agneya meditation this morning was a beautiful experience. It took me a while to enter that space. After OTB for a few minutes, I lapsed into a state of stillness and could then experience the life force energy in me. I was suffused by a sense of well-being and then I was aware of moving my attention to the tips of my toes right up to the fingers of my hands to feel that life force energy everywhere in my being.

Curedemy Student
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From childhood to now, every time I have felt pain (as I connect now) there has been a transformation in my life good or bad. When things unsettle us, we either go inwards or take the path of dark.The teachings at NV Life have given clarity to my inward vartalaaps..

Curedemy Student
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My experience in Chetna has been an enriching one, during the Agneya sessions while doing OTB I attained physical and mental peace and bliss. Have been able to connect with my emotions which were suppressed all this while..

Curedemy Student
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Today’s session, Agneya, was a great session on two levels. One, I could see the theory in action and could get in touch with the power of these tools. But secondly, it was a lesson in “how much difference, fine tuning can make”. Holding the breath in a natural way vs holding it in a forced way….. the results are poles apart. The flurry of issues that surfaced were astounding, just because I followed the technique right. Thanks to Anita ji.

Curedemy Student
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Extreme anxiety marred my day. Panic attacks did not let me sleep at night. I taught Yoga to many, and they benefited. While my own life remained untouched... As I started my journey with the book my panic attacks stopped altogether! I slept peacefully through the night for the first time.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB. OTT. The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student

Case Studies

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Creatinine readings stabilized

Female, 44

  • Lupus for 15 years
  • Kidney transplant 10 years ago  
  • For the last 3 years, the transplant is not doing well and creatinine is high and there is a protein leak thus muscle loss
  • On immune-suppressive and blood pressure drugs 
  • Emotional suppression in the early years of marriage 15 years ago
Today her readings get stabilized as she works on her suppressed anger.
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Lung Cancer - malignant pleural effusion in remission

Female, 68

  • Lung Cancer
  • Fluid accumulation in lungs 
  • Severe breathlessness
  • On oral chemotherapy drugs
  • Reduction by 50 percent in Cancer parameters
  • Malignant tumours show significant reduction in size and hypermetabolic activity
  • Breathlessness improved
  • Chemotherapy medicine dosage reduced
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Gestational diabetes and Child growth issues resolved

Surekha P (30+), Ahmedabad, India

  • Gestational Diabetes 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Premature Child with growth issues
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts
  • Blood sugar level dropped 300 to 100
  • Fear reduced with OTB
  • Child is now completely normal
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts resolved
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Case of Cavernoma of the Brain resolved with Meditation

Male, 43

  • Lesion of dimension 3.8*3.9*3.5 cm
  • Mild oedema around lesion 
  • Treated with intravenous steroids
  • Advised invasive brain surgery
  • The lesion has shrunk to 1.8*2.18 cm
  • Surgery not needed and lesion may vanish or become insignificant over time
  • Medication to be tapered over next few months
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Rhinitis and allergies cured

Ujjwala Sahni (35), Graduate & Homemaker

  • Difficult marriage,
  • breast cancer (treated),
  • allergic rhinitis,
  • wheezing & irregular bowel movement
  • Sleep, breath, and sexuality improved
  • Rhinitis allergies largely cured
  • Fear, anxiety, and hopelessness reducing

What do I gain from Chetna?

1. Start restoring your mental health. Mental health issues are on the rise. This program teaches you to immediately restore your mental health issues. Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and Bipolar are the ones to see quick results.

2. Learn meditation that cures. The state of meditation is the state of cure. If your meditation is not curing, then you are not meditating right. This mediation works directly on curing your disease, distress or disorder. You will be able to see an impact on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Experience it to discover the cure.


3. Improve Sleep: Sleep is an integral pillar of your mental health. It is therefore an indicator of your mental health. If your sleep is disturbed that means you are already on the brink of experiencing mental disorders. With Chetna you can reverse your sleep issues in just 7-21 days. Restore your mental health by restoring your sleep. 


Science of Mental Health

Mind has no mind outside the need to survive. In its purest form its consciousness.

Emotions are the language of your spirit. If you experience negative emotions, that means your spirit is contaminated. We express ourselves with various emotions. If you suppress your emotion, you feel suffocated. The more you suppress your emotions, the more you generate negative emotions.  So, mental disorder is a state in which behavior, thought or emotion occurs on its own, without any control of our mind, and it interferes with the normal functioning of our lives. Each one of us has a tendency to develop mental disorder as we do have certain situations in which some emotions are triggered on their own.  

How is the mind created in you?

Every moment is an event, and every event has an emotion. A thought is created to suppress, regulate, express or control the emotion. An excess of thought means your mental health is not optimal.

How will the techniques help you?

The techniques are simple and effective. The first technique- observe your breath, is the foundation of cure. The science is simple observing your breath is inversely proportional to thoughts. The more you observe your breath the less the number of thoughts. Fewer thoughts mean easy access to emotions.

Emotions have emotion, so as you continue to observe your breath your emotions begin to ground. Therefore, leaving you with optimal mental health.

All you need to do is spend 18 minutes before bed to arrive at optimal mental health. 18 minutes and one technique. This is the most linear solution to effective mental health.

History of Chetna

For 12 years, thousands of people have experienced how conflicts, lack and patterns dissolve on their own within weeks of practicing Yog Nidra. Many have restored their health and wellbeing by dissolving lifestyle symptoms like Sleeplessness, Anger disorder, Depression, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Stress, work life balance and improved relationship apart from attracting opportunities which were hard to get.

For the last two years, Chetna was a 21-day program where major concepts were taught. It was a lot of learning for just 21 days. It consisted of major concepts such as Algorithm, Emotional Body and Sexuality. All participants benefitted from it by reversing their major health issues and learning the foundation of curing themselves. But it was more than anyone could absorb completely.

The new version of Chetna is extremely lean and experience based. You learn exactly one to two techniques and you can walk at your preferred pace and experience the cure. You can walk the path without heavy investment of time and money.

This program delivers the base of health and wellbeing- Sleep. You can experience the difference.

How to measure the difference?

Start restoring sleep. Start restoring mental health. Measure it weekly. It is your unacknowledged emotions that are at the bottom of your suffering. To know if your mental wellbeing is improving, you can now track your emotions on three parameters.

These three parameters are-
Periodicity, Intensity and Time interval.

  1. Periodicity- Check how often or periodically these emotions get triggered in you. Watch your emotions get triggered from every day to once a week.
  2. Intensity- Check how intensely your emotions are getting triggered. Watch your anger or jealousy move from a 10/10 to 8/10.
  3. Time Interval- Check for how long your emotions stay when they surface. Wath your anger or jealous move from an hour a day to just 20 mins a day.

All the above parameters help you track the change in your negative and positive emotions as you learn the unique meditation that cures.