Causes of Thyroid & Do-it-yourself technique

The thyroid gland is one of the main glands of endocrine gland system and is responsible for metabolism of the body. Lot of other names are, by now, associated with this disease such as Grave’s symptoms; Hypothyroidism; Nodules; Goiter; etc and list of symptoms is endless.
This is one of the unique disease where, although some websites call it a disorder, symptoms are visible at mental and physical level. On one hand, it gives rise to anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nervousness while on the other, it gives weight gain, dry skin, autoimmune disorder, irregular menstruation and cancer.
Thyroid hormones are associated with throat which is represented by element space, one of the 5 elements body is made of, and the chakra associated with it is: Vishudhi. It is a function of space and expression. Hence thyroid gland is affected by combination of imbalance between space and emotional suppression. Disease before getting manifested on physical level, begins to get triggered at emotional level (read Science of Disease) and that has been the base of our treatment and we have been able to reverse it successfully.
But let us examine how thyroid gland is affected due to suppression. Since it is associated more with females than with male, we will relate it to females here, though causes and remedy remain the same for male as well.

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The Cause:
When we are constantly trying to please people and do not express our own self, we squeeze our space. Our expression is our truth. It could be just a small desire and truth does not have to something as exotic as who is God. Hence when we have a wish or desire or need like: new clothes; food; watching TV instead of studying and we feel constrained to express, it triggers self pity. We do that because we have a need to be nice which is more important than the “need to be self”. Self pity is one emotion which has serious repercussions. Self pity means loss of faith in life/relationship and to assume that Universe does not love you. Faith is driven by Crown chakra and is responsible for thalamus which is master gland connected to central nervous system.
However, self pity or any emotion, for that matter, doesn’t cause distress at physical level as long as emotions are handled at emotional level. In earlier time, women living in joint family had enough space to express their emotions and release them from emotional body itself. Emotions becomes distress only when we do not get enough time to experience them as emotions. The reason, modern life has thyroid problem is because, we do not have enough time and space to feel them. Hence the mind works towards getting on to next task by suppressing these emotions of self pity. This is where it triggers at physical level.
However, self pity is not key driver of this disease. There are many ways one could express self and create space. the key driver is a belief that, “No one loves me; I am not needed. See? I can’t even express myself!”
When you have a desire to go out with your partner to eat Chinese food and your partner says Italian, then there are many ways you can deal with this situation. One is to say, “Wow! that is a great idea! In fact, I was thinking of Italian too.” This is denying your own truth and expression and suffocating your space in order to be nice. This is thyroid and it is happening to our children, corporate women and housewives who constantly deny their own expression in order to be nice due to fear of being scolded or because you want to be appreciated and accepted.
You can begin to bring your thyroid under control:
If you reply saying, “Oh yes, let’s go Italian although I was hoping for Chinese. But next time, okay?”, then you’re emotions aren’t suppressed and you’ve let your partner know how you cooperating and caring you are. This is a simple step for keeping it under control. Hence, if you start observing how you suppress your space and learn to express in your way, you’ll see a huge flow of energy and various aspects will begin to heal which were initially affected by thyroid gland.
Just to let you know, you don’t require treatment from us for such cases. Our two days program is enough to help you recover and many such other complex lifestyle issues like: diabetes, asthma, migraine, blood pressure, etc.



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