Case study Sudha Goswami   

Case 7  

  • Age 68, Female  
  • Lung Cancer, development of malignant pleural effusion. The disease has a very poor prognosis with a median survival of 4 months and mean survival of fewer than 4 years. 
  • Was on oral chemotherapy medicine which resulted in strong side effects. 
  • Had fluid accumulation in lungs and severe breathlessness. 
  • Was suffering from diabetes since age 42 with blood sugar readings of 180/200. 
  • Blood pressure issues since age 42 
  • Lethargy and poor energy levels, motivated for daily chores 
  • Unable to sleep and diagnosed with sleep apnea 
  • Anger with mother and non-acceptance of daughters divorce and sudden loss of husband due to cardiac arrest 

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Status after Treatment Program 

Reduction in 50 per cent in cancer parameters. 

  1. Malignant tumours show a significant reduction in size and hypermetabolic activity. (PET CT results) 
  1. Breathlessness improved  
  1. Blood pressure normalized 
  1. Blood sugar readings down to 100/110 
  1. Chemotherapy medicine dosage reduced 
  1. Anxiety and sleeplessness are no longer an impediment- her sleep apnea is cured and she no longer needs the CPAP machine. 
  1. Enjoying hobbies like gardening and painting 

This case study is of a woman 68 years of age, who was diagnosed with stage 3 lung carcinoma, three months before she came to Curedemy in search of the Cure. Her daughter was part of the community being a Svaha graduate, so in her distress, she brought her mother to the Treatment Program. 

Early life- where it all began 


Sudha was the oldest of her 5 siblings. Her brother was the next to be born after her and Sudha  experienced rejection, as the time and attention of her mother were divided. 

Her mother was a short-tempered woman and Sudha was very afraid of her outbursts. As a child, she felt helpless and powerless in front of the authority figure. Resultantly she buried deep within, a lot of suppressed and unexpressed anger towards her mother. 

She had witnessed umpteen fights amongst the parents and had unprocessed trauma from these as well. One particular incident stood out for Sudha- in a fit of rage towards the mother, her father had threatened to kill the entire family with a gun. A chilling incidence where she froze in fear. 

There was also an episode of her father hitting her. 

The little girl Sudha grew up with suffocation and fear as a result of the less than cordial environment at home.  

A decade of loss and suppressed grief- 

Sudha as an adult underwent a series of tragic events that inspired shock and fear in her and may have hastened the progression of her disease. 

Brother’s death  

She lost her younger brother who was suffering from schizophrenia. He was very dear to her and a childhood companion. Sudha had fond memories of a childhood well-spent, in his company. This event left her grief-stricken. 

Death of Parents 

Sudha lost her parents within 2 years of each other. Her mother succumbed to gum cancer and her father to a heart attack. She was left heartbroken and extremely lonely. 

Death of husband 

Soon after she tragically lost her husband to a sudden cardiac arrest. The grief had bottled up deep inside suffocating her and not letting the oxygen reach her lungs. 

Belief made: 

I am not capable enough 

I don’t have faith in life  

These belief that she was unaware of were driving her body chemistry and consequently her life, and causing immense suffering to the family. 

The helplessness of a mother  

Sudha faced disappointment, with her children. Her son returned from the USA and was not progressing on the career front. Her daughter underwent a separation in her marriage leaving Sudha unstable and anxious. 

The manifestation of suffering in the physical 

Sudha had been a diabetic and a blood pressure patient since the age of 42 and was on medication for the same. At the age of 50, she underwent major surgery where her ovaries and uterus were removed. She also had her gall bladder surgically removed. In short, Sudha led a life of dependence on allopathic medicine. She was lethargic and unmotivated. Sudha was merely existing, and not living the precious gift of life. 

A few months before her journey began with us  

Sudha began to develop breathlessness and upon investigation was found to have fluid accumulation in her lungs and the ultimate diagnosis was – third stage lung cancer. At the time she had extreme lethargy and low energy levels. Sleep which was always problematic as she suffered from sleep apnea- (a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts) was worsening by the day. In short, all hell had broken loose for the family. It’s then that her daughter brought her to the program. 

The diagnosis, identifying the trigger events and root cause 

Her main emotion throughout her life was Suffocation and feeling incapable as a homemaker. 

  • She held an enormous amount of anger towards her mother- the root cause, the judgement of her mother is what led her to discard her femininity.  
  • The death of her husband and the grief that she suppressed in the event is what did not allow the oxygen to reach her lungs. 

  The CURE 

The first change observed by the team was that as she began to implement the techniques of the science of breathing, Sudha’s face started to glow. She began to see a change in her appetite, her fatigue lessened and energy increased manifold. She was sleeping well with the use of the technique of cotton and no longer needed the CPAP machine. Her sleep apnea was cured. 

These were very positive changes for a woman rendered hopeless and so to speak- tired of her life, and the misfortune that seemed to follow her through it. 

With the deeper application of the techniques of, Algorithm she was able to see the root cause of her suffering, and the increased awareness of the repetitive patterns of trauma and failure in her life. 

She came to terms with her relationship with her parents and was able to dissolve the deep rage and anger simmering within especially towards her mother. She worked with sincerity and dedication. 

And it bore results. Within a few months of enrolling on the Treatment Program, she went for her routine cancer marker tests with her oncologist. To her delight,  the PET CT showed a significant reduction in hyper-metabolic activity and size. This was indeed, news to celebrate.  

Sudha’s blood sugar and blood pressure normalized. Her emotional body which was frozen with fear and suffocation began to align with her spirit. Joy was back in her life, once she released the grief and suffocation. She is no longer anxious and sleeps well. She is enjoying gardening and painting once more. The listlessness and lethargy are gone. Sudha has a new lease on life with meditation for health and wellbeing and this time around she has the intention to make the most of it. 

The name of the student has been changed here, to protect her privacy. All facts, as stated in the case, are as brought forth by the student or as represented in her diagnostic reports. [/signinlocker]