Can we give more?

Here’s sharing with you, the insights from the Vartalaap session for Swastim students with Naveen Sir. Read it, for it may tug at the strings to go within – yet again.



Student- I have an immense fear of death, it is a deterrent in my daily life. 

You have fear of death, I have it too. Why Bhagat Singh didn’t have fear of death? Or Subash Chandra Bose? If you’re not living your life, you fear dying because you’ve created a hope that “one day, I’ll live my life. ” 



Often when we say we have done our best – it is a feeble attempt of our ego to defend ourselves. The reality is – we have done the minimum. 

So, the question you should ask is – This is the best from me. Can I give more, not can I receive more? 

Stay tuned as we bring you more such insights in the coming week.


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