By Participants

It’s amazing to just feel I’ve come such a long way in my mindset even if I wasted so many years suffering. I know it’s just the start of a journey cause I’m still looking for a cause greater than my survival.

Pranam everyone! I really really wanted to thank this organization and every soul and cell, associated with this team and...
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“Manthan in Coorg” as the program came to my notice, I was eagerly waiting for that.

कौन हूँ मैं?

My beliefs, my ego, my emotions – all these 35 years of my life – I felt I was living in a big farcical world.

“If you have faith, why you need to pray? If no faith, what is the point in prayer?” 

  I came to Manthan with mixed feelings, there was hope but there was also a huge burden of guilt...
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Manthan retreat came alive amidst the beautiful surroundings of lush green forest with beautifully embodied flora n fauna.

Manthan for me was like peeling off an onion in front of a mirror and watching myself shed my own layers of pretense, stubbornness and self-created web of illusions.

to be in Silence

I was quite lucky to enroll in Manthan without having completed Chetna.

  I had taken home support for 3 weeks by NV Life. It really helped me. Post which I was...
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Immensely simple, profound, impactful and most importantly- Effective.

Simple yet profound

I have regained my breath..

Meditation The Cure… Highly recommended book for those who seek to heal themselves..

  Meditation-The Cure… I found this book to be a guiding light in the discovery of oneself. In today’s world...
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A Lifechanging Buy

A very powerful healing tool

Breathe-in – A miracle

His journey of the pain and love, the shame and gratefulness, the connection to others and his inner self. 

“I was certainly in the firm grip of the machinations of my own ego – my refusal let go –...
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Battling lung cancer turned her hopeless. She cures her cancer as the inner journey deepens, accepting love & welcoming faith.

His quest to discover his true self, immensely helped his son with autism take a leap forward. 

Testimonial – A parent’s journey towards the cure for her child