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Blessing and Wisdom- Physical Retreat at Pelling

Infinity sits in the womb of “shunya” and all infinite paths converge in “shunya”. 
Infinity sits in the womb of “shunya” and all infinite paths converge in “shunya”. 


Infinity sits in the womb of “shunya” and all infinite paths converge in “shunya”. 


It is a profound statement among many that we keep hearing from the realms of spirituality. Easy to tweet but hard to realize for you and me. The only way to experience this phenomenon is through deep meditation- pertinently across several lifetimes. 

But there is potentially a simple way to fathom it to actualize what it could be. In this land of mystics and Rishis, we hear every Guru worth his salt is a reincarnation of some God. It is said about them that they take birth to speak the same eternal truth in one lifetime from one perspective to help humanity go one step deeper in the realization of eternal truth. Then they incarnate to say the same thing from different perspectives. Basically, this is equal to saying there are infinite paths to truth and all lead to one eternal truth. 

We hear Krishna is a reincarnation of Ram and then every reincarnation converges into Shiv. Imagine Rishi Kashyap after creating Shristi, incarnated as Mahavira to teach the lifestyle to nurture the shrishti. Krishna after teaching dharma reincarnated as Buddha to teach the method of Madhya Marg to the wisdom of Geeta. Rishi Vatsayan who never had sex but wrote Kamasutra reincarnated as Tantric Buddha – Guru Pema to experience divinity through tantric practices and having taught the way man and woman shall come together, reincarnated as Nanak to converge various faiths and belief and live in harmony. Then Buddha took over again as Adi Shankaracharya who helped dispel various corrupt practices through rationale and intellect, conveying the wisdom of Vedanta to take the teachings of Buddha further by teaching Ahm Brahmasmi, but having left his work unfinished he incarnates in modern form by taking birth as Nikola Tesla who established that electricity can be created by tapping into the electromagnetic field of the earth.  

We commonly call them God or divine intervention. These are the custodians of humanity. They take the pain of humanity when we are engulfed in ignorance and arrogance but continue to hold space for us. They guide us from other realms and lead us by taking birth when the time is right for specific teaching. It seems Osho said he waited for 700 years to be born at the right time.  

You probably would feel it is fiction but breathe this for a minute and if you study the core teachings of these gurus, you will be able to connect the dots and experience oneness of all.  

But leave that aside. You are a guru too. Of your own life. You have incarnated so many times to learn that one lesson on which you failed several times. You have attempted the same question through various perspectives in each of those lifetimes. Why don’t you start to track your soul journey? Here are some tips (Physical Retreat students got me into the habit of giving tips. Lol). 

What is the most important yearning you have that if you get it, you will experience oneness? Love, lover, wealth, social recognition? What are your basic strengths and tools for you to reach there? What is lacking in you to reach there? And the most important question is why do you feel that through that only you will be able to experience oneness?  

Here is the hint- Humanity has only one question? Who am I? It is divided into the duality of truth and love (Satya and Prem). You will find that you are either searching for truth or love. Once you arrive at one of them, you will find that it is an illusion because Satya hi prem Hai aur prem hi Satya Hai (love is truth and truth is love). However, this is an old paradigm. In contemporary times as we move towards Treta Yug and then Satyug, the path for humanity will be to search for truth while experiencing love. So, whatever the question is, realize your hunger? Truth or love? So, get going on your drawing board now that you have tips and hints to find the vortex of your void. 

When we began to consolidate after the pandemic era in the last months, we found Swastim operates from the layer of blessing while we only know how to give wisdom through our science and processes. Whatever was our worth, we did give in Swastim. Wisdom without a blessing is lame and blessing not joined by wisdom is blind faith. Life without wisdom and blessing is a waste and burden on the earth. Both situations are not very suitable for the contemporary environment. Our generation wants to embrace faith consciously and lead an aware life fulfilling the purpose. 

Physical retreat in Sikkim had a very new format. We did not want this to be a treatment week because an online 3-month treatment program has proven to be highly effective in reversing the suffering. We wanted students who are curious about their life journey. Who wanted to find their authentic self and align with nature. We wanted to share the most recent research emerging out of the Sleep web series and make them practice what we practice. But most of all, we wanted to ensure that techniques are well understood and experienced; which continues to remain a shortfall in the online medium. Almost all lectures were delivered impromptu coming from the need of the group energies. The same topics which you have listened to in courseware and read in the book were operating from a very high frequency of simplicity, resultantly the penetration was deeper than ever before. The mountain of Kanchenjunga was filled with mystery and at every moment it was filling in us as if it had been waiting for ages for us to arrive. Not to mention the hunger we had to be loved and embraced by mysticism of Pelling. All 21 students and the core team experienced it, and, in the process, we decoded several mysteries which are leading to our next research. 

It is the land of Guru Padmasambhava- a reincarnation of Gautam Buddha. He visited this land in the 8th century with his consorts to hide secrets (known as Terma) so that when humanity is ready, they shall be able to decode those deep practices of tantra. He hid those secrets in the four caves (known as Phuk Chen Zhi (The Four Great Caves)) and in the lake and various other places. We visited one of the caves. Each one of us in the core team had a unique experience and received unique blessings. We potentially decoded one of the secrets but were not sure. We were clear that there is a deeper significance to our visit. We were sent here.  

Post the retreat, we asked all 21 participants to visit and meditate in the cave. Through five days of the retreat, we were preparing them for a visit to the cave. This is how it appears to us now, when we go through the series of lectures and events which took place in the retreat. We were helping them raise their vibration so that when they go to the cave, they can access the blessing. Most of them shared unique mystical experiences after their visit to the cave.   

You may get tempted to visit the cave and meditate with the hope of receiving blessings. But the reason we fail to receive blessings by visiting any shrine or high vibratory places is because our vibratory level is too low to tap into it.  

We seem to have found a way to impart wisdom to tap into blessings.  



  1. Pranam Sir and faculty.

    This absolutely mystical and reverent article invokes the spirit at its core. It seems the equilibrium of Satya (Truth) and Prem (Love) is the vortex of Void or Shunya which is the state of being one with ONE.

    A lot has been clarified and resolved through this. Gratitude for sharing and showing the path.

    I wish well for the team, the cause, and all the seekers who will benefit from this research in coming programs.

  2. The blog continues to haunt me. As I reflect back, it triggers a question ‘ If Prem (Love) is the pathway to the union and physicality (body) is its medium to harness that frequency, then why do all these enlightened beings not accept and realize it fully in their samsaric like. Nanak was a samsari and fullfilled his duties towards his family as well as dharm effortlessly.

    Then why did Rishis and Yogis like Vatsayan, Guru Padmasambhava, Shankracharya, and even Nicola Tesla never get married and were bereft of the love and union within the physical body? They discovered and gave meaning to nature’s deepest secrets for others but remained aloof, bereft, and unfulfilled with its fruits.

    Perhaps the answer lies in the profound lesson of nature that the union and fulfillment first have to be experienced fully in the physical body through one’s partner by fully surrendering to her/him and not chasing some divine/mystical union which is an endless chase and would only fuel the ambition and pride causing the soul to wander endlessly in the eternal void.

    Dharm is not righteousness (Asmita) but total surrender of Prakriti into the Purush and vice-versa. Yahi milan hai.

    The Gurus who taught truth using love by harnessing body, forgot that their disciples/consorts were never equal to them. They were in a senior-junior or giver-receiver relationship. Sambhog (saman bhog or mutual satisfaction) can never happen in such an uneven relationship. So they left their disciples high & dry, often unfulfilled, angry and destructive.

    It was initially limited to control and caution and later distorted to exploitation and corruption. Gandhi did the same mistake by using his energies to draw control over his female disciples (sevikas) and used his stubbornness (hatdharmita) as a weapon to get what he wanted. The nation suffered through the consequences of his decisions. Largely devastating.

    The same profound science of tapping the void through the amalgamation of seeking truth through love and so rooted in the wisdom of the sacred Vigyan Bhairav Tantra has been used by hopeless and ambitious souls to prove their self-worth.

    Humanity will heal when man and woman will return to their pure form of Shiv-Shakti, Bhairav-Bharivi, and surrender to each other by fully accepting their -existence.

    It has to the friend (mitr) and the emotion of friendship (mitrata) among all living beings who can be sensitive and thus compassionate to each other. Thus learning from and healing each other and transitioning the humanity to next Yug.

    What NVLife is teaching is that very science in a refreshingly new format and narrative. The teacher is an overrated and completely avoidable title in the modern era.

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