Bipolar Disorder – The Alternate Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC)

The best way to understand bipolar disorder is to understand Alternate currents (AC) and Direct currents (DC). For non-technical people, AC current is cyclic in nature which is being supplied in our homes. DC is a straight-line current which is used in batteries in toys/mobile phones. 

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Emotions have motion and it is the language of the spirit. It travels through the body and its purpose is to experience the emotion and allow it to get grounded. The flow of emotions in the human body is a continuous process and it is based on our experiences. Each moment we live is an experience, thus bound to generate emotions. However, we are conditioned to suppress our emotions and our mind is trained not to pay attention to them. 

Emotions, which are denied expression get stored in the human body and make the body very stiff. Gradually, it becomes a storehouse of emotions like a battery. When that is not sustainable, the body begins to discharge and charge on its own. This process gives a very high amplitude of emotions for a few days or weeks and then creates equally deep depressive emotions for the next successive cycle of days or weeks.

Such peaks of highs and lows are so powerful that the patient is not able to contain them and thus exhibits bipolar tendencies. 

In our treatment, we work on balancing the male and female current which automatically regulates the flow of emotions. Like in Schizophrenia, after reversing the disorder, the real tough part is the rehabilitation program and the more chronic the disorder is, the longer it takes a patient to come back to the new reality and accept it.