Are we Netflix in the making?

It was the year 1998. Sabir Bhatia, founder of the first email service Hotmail, was invited by Bill Gates to acquire his company and was offered a deal. Bhatia wanted more. However, USD 300 million offered was very good value for his two-year-old company. He feared losing the deal if he asked for more.  That evening, he bumped into a man in a pub who shared with Bhatia (not knowing he is the founder of Hotmail) how Hotmail saved him a lot of hassle and money by saving a business trip because that was the fastest way, he could receive communication from his partners.  

Bhatia narrated this in an interview when the media asked him about the deal. He thought to himself, that if Hotmail is so valuable to the lives of people, ‘I am definitely worth far more’. Next day, Gates signed a deal for 40% more.  

Unworthiness erodes you. It creates a loop of suffering and if you breathe it, it gets you 100 million USD more in a deal. In the last 12 years, we have heard so many stories from you, where you came for health and well-being, and you got more business and more fame.

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It was March 2020 and we had to cancel Chetna in Calcutta. There was panic due to the pandemic. More than 40 people who had signed up for the workshop were left high and dry. I was lost. I had never seen a situation of helplessness in NV LIFE. My core value that I must give at least some hope to whoever knocks on my door was at risk of crashing. I was informed by my team that people are feeling extreme fear and Chetna was their hope. All possible options that we worked out to help them, especially in such difficult times, were not feasible and scalable. Our superwoman found the way. We went online. Almost overnight, Curedemy was born. One woman conceived it, and another delivered it. Our three other core team women worked round the clock on creating courseware while I cooked, washed dishes and slept during the pandemic. The rest is history. We kept evolving the courseware every month and made it available to all of you. When we look back at those times, we see it as the most fertile creative time of our life. Core team got formed and we mastered the art of most efficient teamwork in WFH mode. We were all in harmony. We did our bit in pandemic by giving more and more content for people to watch and continue to have hope in those trying times.  

It took me a while but very early on, I was alert about one challenge. How much to give and how to give so that the student is not overwhelmed. The entire courseware and all our teaching sessions are driven by our sensitivity to keep you safe and protected in your inner journey. The problem in the inner journey is that if you do not consolidate, you continue to believe in your lack and keep working on your lack much after the lack is over. You keep shooting the dead man and stay in the battlefield much after the war is over.  

In the last two years, we have heard so many times that our lectures have replaced Netflix binge watching. Dining table conversations have changed in almost every household where more than one person has attended online programs. Arguments between couples now end up with OTB and flowcharting and kids remind parents to meditate.  

Pandemic is over and its Yang- the war in Europe is about to be over soon. We are back in PVR popping the corn and traffic jams are giving us time and space for doing OTB and hunting. It is now time we consolidate and work on our worthiness. 

Curedemy is now going through a consolidation phase to prepare you for the next phase of post pandemic life. You will hear various changes in the way you continue to remain focused on your inner journey. Your access to Curedemy will be driven by that sensitivity. 

To begin with, we have removed access to the Curedemy Library. You no longer have access to various versions of the courses. You can throw the dart now on my pic or make your flow chart. You have a choice. The library will be made available only for research and training purposes to our volunteers, interns or special cases as and when required. You have access to your respective courseware in the latest version. Stay tuned as we roll out various new ways in which you will be able to watch lectures, participate in various interventions for your next phase and the next quantum. Till then consolidate your learning so far and get ready for the next level. [/signinlocker]



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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