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Why do you remain anxious while others facing similar circumstances do not?

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion of the future. We are never anxious about an event that has passed; our anxiety is always about what is to come.

The first experience of anxiety is in the form of worry. And every survivor in you and me is trained to tackle and cope with worry. This tackled worry, thus, remains unaddressed as an emotion and thus turns into anxiety over a period of time. .

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Do you know when it starts becoming a disorder?

We all have worry and a degree of anxiety and panic about one thing or another at some point of time. This does not necessarily mean we will be in state of paranoia someday. However, if we leave worry and panic unaddressed it is destined to be a full blown mental disorder someday.

It becomes a state of disorder when your normal functioning is affected by anxiety.
Let us take a few examples to reflect how quality of life, relationships and career are affected by simple anxiety things which we ignore as normal –
  • You are waiting for the school bus to pick up your kid And now, rather than continuing to feel joy, you get multiple thoughts about the safety of your child and make frantic calls or pace up and down.
  • You have a travel plan coming up in the next 30 days and with every passing day, you begin to feel rushed and think up work which needs to be done The work at hand keeps getting derailed And you continue to grow frantic, while pushing the ticket booking, itinerary planning and packing right unto the last possible minute.
  • You have guests coming over on the weekend and are excited about the same But with every hour, you begin to freeze over every aspect of entertaining them be it simple housekeeping or the menu planning for the dinner or beginning to turn and look at every single thing which may not be up to the mark in your home.
  • You have a presentation to deliver at work and have great ideas for the same But the nagging worry of failing client expectations keeps resulting in the loss of flow of thoughts The ideas for the pitch get replaced with ideas of everything that could go wrong.

Speak to our experts to learn how you can cure your anxiety disorder with Chetna.

Where is the root cause of this disorder?

A belief that I cannot trust or I need to control:

  • It has roots in the events of childhood.
  • Lack of faith in life or trust in self is the root cause of worry.
  • A simple event such as promise not delivered is enough to cause worry.
  • When expectation is not met, it is enough to cause worry.

Such belief remains in the subconscious. In the growing up years, when we face similar situations in relationship, career or with friends, where we have expectation or we are promised something, such belief from the subconscious get triggered to activate anxiety. At the root of every mental disorder is loss of trust. Anxiety is found to be common trigger behind depression, OCD, schizophrenia, anger disorder and sleep disorder.

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