An Experience of Meditation That Cures

Read Hardik’s* experience of Agneya – meditation sessions in Chetna, and how it connects to the science of well-being.



In today’s Agneya session, I went back to my childhood 7-14. I went to school where I could see I was bullied. I could see the boys who used to bully me. I breathed my emotion (fear). I started crying and my left hand was trembling. I could see one incident in the school where I was given punishment because of these boys. I could feel shame that I am in their forced bad company. A lot of incidents came like a flash where I was scared and I cried out and my hands banged on the bed.

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Later I saw that the guy left the school and I saw few good moments of relief & happiness.
I could see my childhood & best friend with whom I was having a discussion and later I remembered the memory where we traveled together to Bangalore for our boarding school.



I also want to share that, usually, my pulse is always at an average of 90+ (since 2010-11, rarely it goes below 70).

Today my pulse came down to 68 after the NV Swimming/Agneya session. I am sharing the last 2 days’ Pulse chart. Nowhere, it came down below 83 yesterday and 76 on April 16th (I keep a track of it since I have had sleep issues after my pulse started going above 95+ from 2010-2011 onwards. Last I can track it going to 66 in Aug–2019 during a Meditation Session).


Thank You. Feels Good Breathing the Emotion.



“A normal pulse rate will always correspond to optimal breathing rate, which actually means optimal oxygenation, which means if you continue to remain in this state, you cannot attract suffering.”
Naveen Varshneya, Author of Meditation – The Cure
Note: Student’s name changed to maintain privacy