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A very powerful healing tool 23 June 2018 This book is my gateway to a miracle. It is an amazing read and explains that the key of well being is in our breath. If the 3 pillars of well being – breath, sleep and sexuality are in tune there cannot be disease/disorder in a body. The book goes on to explain techniques to bring wellness into our lives. The book has had and continues to have a tremendous influence on my life. I am a 43 year old woman suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 13.5 years. Since the last 7-8 years the disease was getting worse day by day. I was losing function in my joints and losing mobility. The pain and swelling was excruciating My life was losing all meaning and I was in the depths of despair. I was going from pillar to post searching for remedies. Allopathy , Homepathy , Naturopathy , Ayurveda , Acupuncture , PEMF – you name it I had tried it. I had even visited a healer (or two) – I was so desperate (only to be divested of my life-savings measuring lakhs of rupees – with no results). I was in the depths of despair – resigned to life in a wheelchair ( I was just half a step from being confined to a wheelchair). I could not climb stairs (even a single step would make me cringe in excruciating pain). I could not walk (or even hobble) without using a cane for support. There were days when I did not feel like getting out of bed – because really “What was the point?” Then I stumbled upon NV Life on Facebook and on a whim bought the book and then kept it in my drawer (and forgot about it). One day I opened the book and started reading – went straight to Chapter 3 and read about the 3 techniques. I decided to start with cotton and circling and then move on to NV Swimming. I wasn’t really able to get the hang of NV Swimming (leave alone effortless YogNidra). However just with cotton and observing breath and an occasional circling – I was slowly but surely getting better. The leg pain started reducing and in time I was able to walk better without the cane. I was slowly able to climb some stairs. I no longer use the cane. I can feel my knee joint healing .Each day I am slowly and surely getting better. I have now realized that my path is no longer pointing to spending the rest of my days in a wheelchair. I have gotten back my faith and I now live in hope – that itself has restored my trust in humanity. This is all because of the book “Meditation – The Cure”. This book is a true treasure and is worth much more than the price it sells for. It is my gateway to hope and gives me a glimpse of how much I can heal myself. I am truly grateful that I bought the book and read it. I also express my profound gratitude to Naveen ji for writing this book – which is helping me and countless other sufferers like me get started on the path of healing. Madhupa Sinha Immensely simple, profound, impactful and most importantly- Effective. 28 June 2018   This book is responsible for teaching me both, simple truths and profound wisdom, and for that I am grateful. At the outset, the conviction with which it is written reels you in, and you have no choice but to heed the advice you are suddenly so fortunate to receive. The simplicity of understanding that wellbeing lies centred in Sleep, Breath and Sexuality, is a truth that changes the way you experience life and living. In all honesty, I am still only beginning to learn what it means to live the real NV Life way, but I have found tremendous peace in its practices. And I know that I have only barely scratched the surface yet. This book breaks every stereotype around spirituality (atleast this was true for me) and teaches you that feeling emotions, both positive and negative, is only human. What is toxic is suppressing them, and the simplicity with which Naveenji guides you towards opening up your energies and releasing them is truly liberating. The support infrastructure made available to readers (on Facebook and otherwise) is astounding, and the level of effort made towards enabling your success in attaining the Cure is truly humbling and completely unprecedented. This book teaches you to turn inward and experience The Cure.   Vedika Meditation The Cure… Highly recommended book for those who seek to heal themselves.. 24 June 2018 Meditation-The Cure… I found this book to be a guiding light in discovery of oneself. In today’s world when we have much restlessness outside and inside it imbibes how to be still and rejuvenate your inner self. It teaches you how to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally at all levels. Instead of looking for cure for your ailments outside and popping in pills for every ailment you can think of, it teaches to look inside and you will find all you need… I bought this book in April 2018 and have not been able to put it down since then. It explains the essence of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through breathing techniques in a very simple and easy manner with practical examples. Then there is FB support group to guide you further in mastering the techniques. All you need to do is show intent and commit to it with all sincerity and discipline and the cure is in your hands. I would recommend this book for doctors for helping their patients, teachers for helping their students, for parents for raising their kids and for families for happy living together. A must buy. This is a kind of book which will transform you and your perception towards life.   Amazon customer   Simple yet profound! 26 December 2017 This book synthesizes ancient wisdom in to modern man’s daily life. Very well written and explained in simple terms for the moder age man to understand, accept and practice. I’m practicing the NV Swimming technique everyday and I must say this is the basic practice prescribed in the book yet comes across as a powerful technique. We all oscillate between higher plane and lower plane of living and this book teaches simple techniques which made it easy for us to sustain our life in the higher plane of living. I have tried many techniques in these 7 years of my journey in knowing the self and I must declare that Naveen’s work has worked for me. Naveen, I’m very much indebted to you for making the techniques accessible for the ones who are hungry. Thanks for satiating my hunger. Chandru     A workbook to blissful life, a saviour for traumatic life, a must have for every home that nurtures. 8 July 2018Just finished reading this wonderful book that i would call a ‘Practical handbook/guide to Life’. When the author claims that miracles are a routine at nvlife I don’t have to believe it because i KNOW it already when he cured my 73 yrs old mom from Schizophrenia in just few weeks. Man! You dont just ‘read’ such books. You have to ‘live’ it to get it. This is one of very few books i have read so far which is ‘loaded’. Each line is loaded with immense wisdom…..and i had doubted soon after reading few pages that there is much more than what you read in this book. You could sense some inside triggers right there while reading it. So, i checked with Naveen who confirmed that the book is written with ‘powerful intent’ to help people. While it takes you to inner journey through wonderfully written lucid descriptions, it also offers pauses wherever necessary, to reflect upon. It has real life examples taken from case studies including author’s own life and it also has real life exercises where you leave reading and start living to crosscheck it with your own life. I frequently had to skip reading sometimes for days and weeks to do that. I found at most of the places that some insights made me stop reading and got me lost inside jungles…only to come out refreshed each time with new realisation. Unlike other books, i can’t claim that now i know this healing mechanism. It has so much depth that every chapter points to a whole new vistas that invites you to a wonder-filled and kaleidoscopic world, reading about which is just having a glimpse of tip of iceberg not even touch of it. You have to practice the techniques to have a taste of it. In nutshell, this book is a valuable contribution to evolution of new age world enriched with health, wealth and happiness. Finally, Congratulations to all of us and Thanks to Naveen for such a precious gift. It is his vision to make this knowledge handy to all families to ensure a paradigm shift, a quantum leap towards the bliss – that we all are entitled to.   Vinay like the iChing – you can pick up any page … 24 June 2018 Simple yet very profound techniques presented in the book which one can use almost as the Bible/Gita/Granth for the Modern Man/Women/Children (Actually, it’s timeless “kungi of work in the outset, a condensation of & zest of things that work from ancient times – translated/transmuted to what we can use practically in order to connect with and realize the energy patterns within.) Illuminating the path to abundance in oneself – limited only to one’s own participation and willingness to explore! I am not a very avid reader, the only book I ever read from “page to page” was Linda Goodman’s, “Star Sign”. Although, there were other ones I came across, I cannot for certain say that I completed them end to end. However, like the iChing – you can pick up any page from this book, in the time of need and I guaranty it would speak to you as it does for me. Not because, the author is divine, (maybe he is, just as we are) but because the context of the book and the intent therein empowers transformation – not only for you and me, but for the entire human equation; bringing forth healing as a play of light & dark, both within and on the outskirts. Why am I writing a review? I am certain that these things you already know. To experience it though is another story. And, if you are struggling with connecting to yourself at point blank range, then the techniques in the book are for you. The best part, they support you like a ‘child of the cosmos’ (don’t quote me on that) with various programs like, FB Group, “Home Support Program” etc. The title – Meditation – The Cure I have been meditating and practicing various forms of Yoga, Oriental, Urban Scholarships, Zen – to name a few; for over 30 years now. NVlife has touched me more profoundly than most other healing disciplines & experiences or institutions. When I asked myself the question, WHY? I realized that, most of them are shrouded around religious dogmas, disciplines and doctrines. They are time consuming and only get you to a certain level of closeness to one’s being (given the effort in terms of time and space that it requires). The techniques in the book and the support thereafter ensures that you get what you want and leaves you with the ability to pursue what you may desire and want in future should you choose not to chase (or settle into) yourself… Thus, the title, from my point of view is perfect. Meditation is the Cure! Or put it another way, the cure is within you – in the state of meditation of this kind, you cannot faulter() as the state of being derived from this practice is one from within.   Love & Light. Thapar     This book helps us to experience Hope, Cure and Light within Ourselves. . 3 July 2018 Since time immortal we have been looking outside for solution for any of our problem or suffering . We try to find solutions in Doctors, Allopathy , Homeopathy , Naturopathy , Friends, God etc. We do this because we are taught and programmed to look outside for Hope, Solution and Cure . This book – ” Meditation THE CURE” teaches us 2 processes and 3 techniques which helps us to experience the Cure and Solution to our Sufferings within ourselves . It helps us burst the cloud and experience the sunshine within. The beauty of the book is we do not need to have faith in the book nor in the techniques it teaches and yet we can start reading the book and start practicing the process and techniques written. As we start experiencing the Cure within and as we slowly move towards health and well being, faith comes on its own. We just need to stick to the process. I am writing this with my personal experience. This book is written by Naveen Varshneya, who is the founder of NVLife . This is a digital health and wellbeing organisation . Much before the book was published I came to NVlife for the treatment of my chronic OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I was suffering from OCD for over 14 years and long Allopathy psychiatric Medicine was not able to give me any relief from my Sufferings . I was turning almost hopeless but something within me told me that NVlife could help me and I got curious after going through its website – and FB page – @nvlifescienceofhealth . In NVlife I was taught breathing and meditation techniques which I did sincerely and within 6 days I was able to experience the difference . I was able to experience joy and bliss which I did not experience for an era. So in short , with regular practice of these techniques I was able to come out of my chronic suffering and also was as to realize the root cause of my long suffering . Also these techniques helped me to rediscover my Childhood passion for Painting ( which was long lost). I have started Sketching and Painting after 14 years. It helped me allign to my creative self . I am happy to see that all this science and technique is now accessible to humanity through this Book . Now the hope is there in our hands.   I have sketched few of the diagrams in the book and am blessed that my name is mentioned as an illustrator in the book. My Case Study is present in the book in Page 329 – ” Obsessive compulsive disorder turning into his purpose of life in NV Life” . This book is Divine !! Rajat Bose A Love Affair to be experienced 27 June 2018 Our first copy of the book was purchased by a dear friend, at the book’s launch in Delhi on 26.06.2017. My husband had already attended an NV Life workshop by then and I was eagerly waiting for my turn(which happened exactly two months later). NV Life and the book, Meditation- The Cure, have been integral part of our lives since then. So much so that my husband and I have our own copies of the book now. The book intimidated me initially , esp. section 1 & 2, yet there was this strange pull to be with it. I carried it with me around the home, with some futile effort to read & comprehend first few chapters. In the Intoduction chapter, the author says, ” If you are in need of healing, I suggest that you skip the theory and directly start with the treatment section and follow the reversal of symptoms.” (pg.13). It sounded like panacea for all my struggles with the book and I jumped to section 3. The first thing I read was the ‘Usage of cotton’. I had been intrigued by the process for some months, since my husband was on cotton since he attended the workshop and wouldn’t share much of the details with me.   Few nights with this first process, my nightmares and Sleep Walking & Talking, which I have had since childhood, reduced drastically. This is where my ‘Love Affair’ with this book began and a relationship started building. Then the workshop happened and I realised the three pillars of health & well being-Sleep, Breath & Sexuality, were badly shaken in me and with this new understanding, I could muster up some courage to go to ‘Section -2’. But again I wandered lost from one chapter to another, connecting to a bit here and a bit there, till I reached the chapter “Physical Body-Sleep, Breath & Sexuality”. It felt as if the chapter had been written for me. # Sleep – As mentioned above, I have had trouble with my sleep since childhood and few days with cotton, put it on track. # Breath – During a Book reading session in Bengaluru, a lady looked at me amazed and said,”I don’t understand how someone can’t be with her breath. I am always with my breath and aware of what is happening in my body every second.” I was equally amazed – How can someone be aware of her breath always? I was baffled, as I have lived almost all of my life in my mind. Almost all the meditation techniques I tried(with all due respect to them, as every technique was a step forward), told to be with breath and let the thoughts come. It always meant thoughts taking over completely without I even realising. I tried controlling my thoughts, obviously a futile effort. I just didn’t know what to do if not thinking. It was with this book and NV Life, I learned why I am not able to reach my breath and how to do it. The book in quite detail explains the relationship between experiences, emotions, mind and breath. The three techniques explained in detail in the book – NV swimming, NV Fishing and NV Hunting chart out the way to reach your breath. It is still a see-saw between my mind and my breath, but I am definitely more aware of my breath and also my thoughts. # Sexuality – The section on sexuality was which hit the hardest and also resonated the most. As I went through the booklet that my husband carried back from the workshop and saw the section on sexuality, I thought how can sex be related to my health and well being.(The only way I could read and understand sexuality was sex). It was the dirtiest thing to think or talk about on one hand and on the other it was the most sacred thing, the basis of procreation and highest expression of love. I don’t know how I got dirty and sacred so mixed up. When I read the section on sexuality, it pierced through me like 100 swords and cut me to pieces. Every sentence I so wanted to deny, but couldn’t help but acknowledge. It talks about accepting your femininity or masculinity & nurturing its attributes. It made me realise how I have been to some extent knowingly and to large extent unknowingly rejecting my femininity and how alot of my problems arise out of it. The author writes, ” Sexual energy as sexual desire is one small part in whole life force energy spectrum of various frequencies but it is a base and essential frequency.”(pg.164) He also writes,” People deny even acknowledging existence of desire for sex on a small hint of not feeling loved or not feeling secure. This is where it begins to turn destructive and reflects darkness of your spirit to attract all negative emotions about yourself.”(pg.172) These lines resonated so much, as I understood and was aware of only one small part of the life force energy and yet had and still have maximum beliefs around it; alot of shame, guilt, judgement and fear. The chapter so beautifully and many a time harshly explains and helps you separate out beliefs that we have built around our sexual energy. It like a mirror stands in front of you and you can do nothing but cringe as you see your reality. It won’t let you run away, till you accept and acknowledge yourself, eventhough only in bits and pieces. You would find yourself returning again and again to it to find more and more pieces of your jigsaw puzzle. I have read the chapter many times over, and still find myself guided to it again and again. Many aspects I still don’t understand like how sexual energy gets channelled into creative pursuits or how to nurture your attributes, but I have acknowledged its presence in me and know that I have to remove guilt and shame which I have shrouded it with. This is but only a small part of the whole book and I am slower than a tortoise. I have gained so much from this book while still grappling with the techniques, I envy people and wonder at their state, who so effortlessly or with some little effort achieve Yog Nidra. I have never read it in any particular sequence, I have always been guided through it – some parts have been read many times over and some still not touched. Neither has it meant the same twice nor has it ever failed in expanding my awareness and understanding of myself. It has always left me in awe of it. This book like an enlightened master opens up pages of your life, depending upon your receptivity and readiness and nevers fails you. It will flow through you and you can’t help but flow through it. The depth and beauty of ocean can be experienced only if you plunge into it. Similarly, this book can experienced only when you feel it and make it a part of you.   Shabnam Dhaliwal     I have regained my breath… 25 June 2018   I have always heard if God puts in trouble he will give opportunities to find its solution and Meditation- the cure came to me just like an opporunity to find solution to my most difficult time when i had gone through some auto immune disorder last year. And i searched on website and fb page and gone through every single video on internet posted by Naveen Sir till the time i got the book from Amazon.. Started reading just like a holy scripture with a total belief and page by page i started feeling change in my behaviour…and just started following his technique of observing the breath…and after few days automatically my mind goes to my breath without any effort… And then started working on his 1st NV technique daily without a break.. Day by day the calmness which i found cant be express in words. Slowly and slowly i was off medicines… And still now m just doing his 1st out 3 techniques and finding a lot of changes in me from the last one year… I am still waiting to experience his other 2 techniques but all i want is to go slow so to never look back… All i can say that i click at the right time to my opportunity.. Pragati Malhotra   Extraordinary book! Everyone Must Read This! 22 September 2017  This book has completely transformed my life. I attended Naveen’s workshop in Pune and then started reading through the various chapters of the book and feel that he has covered all of the essential elements of life within it. My wife and I have been practicing his recommended meditation techniques on a daily basis and love that we can refer to the book to understand the background and science behind each technique. I highly recommend this book to anyone – it doesn’t matter if you are spiritually inclined or not as this book can provide any person with the right information and tools to live an empowered and extraordinary life –  Neel Shah     And it is as good as listening to Naveenji in the workshop 23 September 2017  I started reading the book after the workshop. And it is as good as listening to Naveenji in the workshop. While some of us have had profound feelings reading the book, my reaction is less dramatic. Nonetheless, I have had some realisations which have been an eye opener. Best thing to do is read it as a book and trust me there would be sections/statements that will stay with you. And that’s the beauty…to each, his own (cure!)   Mohua M.