The state of meditation is a state of cure. Agneya was designed for students to experience the state of cure. Over time it evolved into helping students become aware of where their breath is trapped and consumed. Learn to reclaim, observe and experience the cure.  

Program Fees

₹ 11,551

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What is Agneya? 

State of meditation is a state of cure. At Curedemy, Agneya is the group meditation session. Group meditation amplifies the power of meditation. Agneya was designed for students to absorb the learning of the courseware and to practice the state of cure in the guided environment with a faculty.  

Through this meditation we practice the very essence of cure- observe your breath. Agneya has been the cornerstone of our programs since the inception of our online programs. It has been designed to help students to implement the core concepts. Agneya has evolved to reach its current format of a practical session of 3 hours. There is no linearity and structure when it comes to the expansion of consciousness.  

Scope: Agneya subscription has been launched to offer an opportunity to the Curedemy Community to stay aligned and deepen their practice through live guided meditation sessions. 

How did Agneya start as a Curedemy practice?

The pandemic brought radical changes to all physical working methodologies. Our physical program was based around meditation practices along with coaching. While the coaching conversations moved on zoom, meditation also had to be brought in. There began the journey of online Agneya. Courseware like structure was created to enhance the practice.   


  1. No. Of Sessions: 3
  2. Subscription Duration: 3 Weeks 
  3. Session Duration: 3 hours/ session 
  4. Time: 6:30 AM every Saturday (except if otherwise specified) 
  5. Platform: Zoom 

Salient Features

  1. Available Agneya sessions are as per the schedules of the ongoing programs 
  2. There is an Agneya session every Saturday at 6:30 AM unless otherwise specified. The communication of which will be shared through email/WhatsApp group.  
  3. A student can choose the sessions that they want to join spread over the duration subscribed for. 
  4. The subscription ends as per the duration timeline  
  5. After enrolling for Agneya Subscription, student will be provided with a link (Calendly) to book their meditation slots.
  6. Once the slot has for a session has been booked, a zoom link for a particular session will be shared with them on their email ID.  

Note: The student is allowed entry into the ongoing batches or sessions specifically for the Agneya workshop. No other intervention is available to the student- such as Jigyasa, Gurukul or Samvaad. 

What can the student gain from this model?

This intervention is very unique in nature as it is the only intervention that helps you go back to the cornerstone of the cure- Observe the Breath or widely known as OTB, in the Curedemy community. We believe that the state of meditation is the state of cure. Therefore, it becomes increasingly imperative to continue to go back to the state of cure. 

Agneya offers you the chance to dive deep into the state of cure without any further delay. This session is only conducted on Saturday, 6:30 am (unless a bonus weekday session is announced). A weekend morning is one of the most compatible times for one to go into a guided meditation and practice.  

What else can I look forward to?

If some of you are from the earlier batches, you would have experienced a shorter duration, Agneya.  

As is with all are our interventions, Agneya has also evolved over time based on our learning and commitment to provide a deeper experience to the students.  

Upon due consideration and evolution, we have found that a workout is more beneficial for the students. Therefore, this Agneya session is a workout based live guided meditation. The duration of the program is at least 3 hours.  

Is it possible for me to stay in meditation for 3 hours?

We are not staying in a state of meditation for 3 hours. We are learning to work out problems out and gently arrive at a state of meditation with our specific problems in our space and attention.  

Arriving at the state of meditation may often entail a few attempts depending on the severity of one’s suffering. A handheld guided method would ensure that you arrive at this state. You may fail in the first attempt and that is fine, however, our faculty will guide you with course correction to arrive at the state of cure.  


Observation of breath would mean that you witness your breath as it goes in and comes out. Change nothing about it, just witness. Do not focus on your breath and analyze how far it is going. Doing so would mean you activate the mind. The whole idea of doing OTB is to help the mind drop by decreasing thoughts. Often during this process, you will find yourself confronted by multiple thoughts. Do not indulge in the thoughts. Just witness them. Allow them to pass. As you do this OTB becomes easy. 

As you begin to get comfortable with the first step (OTB), you shall gently bring attention to your body while doing OTB. This will get you in touch with emotions you are experiencing at that time, such as restlessness, pain/memory/event in your awareness and you do OTB. You are experiencing the science of cure, and this shall automatically slow down and make your breath deeper at its own pace and emotions disappear.  

Once stable and calm here, gently move towards the third step 

Watch the rhythm of your breath going in and out (part of OTB process. It is like watching waves of the ocean coming and going). At the peak of breathing in, hold it for few seconds to actually disrupt the breathing process. This will disturb your breathing, making it random or rapid. Continue to do OTB till it stabilizes.  

Repeat the cycle. 

Thoughts- the connector to the origin of your emotions. During the process of OTB, it is the nature of thoughts to cross paths with breath. We often perceive it as a sign of failure. Meditation is widely perceived as the mind being at zero- it isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t entirely true. It is a process. If meditation is not curing, you then you are not meditating. The process is therefore supposed to take you towards the root cause of your emotion and its origin.  

An emotion lies hidden underneath the thought. Thus, tracking your thoughts during OTB shall lead you to the emotion which is interfering with your health and wellbeing.  



The Agneya subscription is open to everyone who has attended any one of the programs- Chetna, Vedna, Manthan, Treatment Program and Certification Program. 

In this Agneya subscription plan, you will have: 

  1. 3 meditation sessions combined with Gurukul. The first one hour would be Gurukul (doubt clearing session around Yog Nidra), post which you will move into the guided meditation session 
  2. Your subscription duration: 3 Weeks 
  3. Your session duration: 3 hours/ session (1-hour Gurukul + 2 hours Meditation practice) 
  4. Time: 6:30 AM every Saturday (except if otherwise specified) 

Once stable and calm here, gently move towards the third step 

Monthly Subscription 

Program Fees 

1 month subscription  
(3 meditation session) 

Fees – 11,551/-


  1. Visit Agneya | The Very essence of cure- observe your breath- Curedemy 
  2. Once the payment has been made, you will receive a welcome email on your registered email ID. The welcome email would have the following: 
  • Details of the Program 
  • A Calendly link to book your slot for the session 

2. Click on the Calendly link shared in the email

3. Book an Agneya session on a particular day. Slots for all the sessions in the subscribed duration can be booked through the link shared in email. 

4. Slot can be booked up to 15 minutes before the session 

5. Once you have booked a slot, you will receive zoom link in your email ID.  

6.You will receive reminders for the sessions in three intervals–  

  • 24 hours before the session,  
  • 1 hour before the session 
  • 15 mins before the session.  

Your reminders will also have Zoom links attached with it.  

  1. To begin your session, click on the Zoom link received in email. 
  2. If you cannot buy the subscription, this means 25 students have already subscribed. Please wait for next month’s launch. 
  1. TECHNICAL QUERIES: If there are any queries related to your enrollment or technical issues such as links being unavailable despite following the due process as defined in the welcome email and registration page you can reach out to- 
  2. THEORETICAL QUERIES: All your queries related to your experiences and journey can be posted on where the coaches can view them.  
  3. You can also reach out to us at WhatsApp 7099050164  





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